Saturday, December 1, 2012

Cabin Time

The week of Thanksgiving from Sunday to Wednesday, we had the opportunity to getaway to the mountains for a little break.  Our family really needed some focused time together.  We have had a busy fall of football, soccer, piano, school, and Rick's trip to Africa.  We were all in need of a break!  Once again the generosity of our friends provided this opportunity.  

We spent a lot of time relaxing.  We wore our pajamas the whole time we were there!  We had family meals together along with some nighttime treats while we watched movies.  
 We read.  Abby is reading the second Harry Potter book.  I read the first Twilight book.(Yeah, I know I am way behind the times. I never got around to reading those and took this opportunity to. I really liked the first book and read it in 1 1/2 days.)  We also played games:  Clue, Stratego, Loopin' Louie, Dominoes, etc.
 One afternoon, Rick and Sam went out exploring the area
 Sam liked throwing rocks at the icy ponds
 Rick got donuts from the Donut Mill.
These things are GIGANTIC!  I am pretty sure each sprinkle donut has a whole bottle of sprinkles on it!
 Very happy to have donuts
 It took 4 days to eat all of these
On our last night, we did some "Minute to Win It" games.  We laughed a lot as we competed to complete the tasks:
Stacking dice with cups on our hands

 I was dominating in this game!
 Next we had to get pretzels on a bamboo skewer without using our hands
 Note to self:  When you are using bamboo skewers in a game, be sure to take them away from the children when the game is complete.  Laila was running around with hers, fell on it, and cut the back of her throat. 
 I love my reaction here
 Holding a skittle with a straw...
 carrying it across the room to drop in a bowl

 Blowing cups off a table with a blown up balloon
 Abby got tickled and couldn't stop laughing to blow up the balloon again
 Love Isaiah's expression blowing up his balloon
 Rick dominated in this game getting all the cups off with one balloon's worth of air
Trying so hard to blow up that balloon
 The final game was the most hilarious!  We had a pair of panty hose with a clementine in one of the legs.  We put the panty hose on our heads and had to swing around the clementine to knock over cups.
 I laughed so hard during this game.
 You can't use your hands.  
I am laughing in the background watching Isaiah
 This game is a bit dangerous.  That orange swings around wildly!
 We ended our time with some s'mores

Our time was just what we needed to regroup and reboot as a family.  We had a bit of drama at the end and had to come home earlier than planned.  On Tuesday evening, Isaiah started having breathing issues.  I knew that if we didn't take action, we would be in the ER before the night was over.  It happens so fast with him.  So, we cleaned up the cabin and headed home Tuesday night instead of waiting until Wednesday.  We got him home and with medicine and breathing treatments, we were able to keep him stabilized.  It was crazy as we frantically cleaned, packed, and loaded up to leave, but in the end, it turned about being nice getting home on Tuesday night and having Wednesday to settle back into our house before Thanksgiving on Thursday. We made some memories that we won't forget!

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