Friday, November 30, 2012

"I Look Awesome"

Isaiah's hair has been less of a challenge than Laila's hair.  Last year we tried dreads.  I got weary of them coming out and decided we could try that again when he could be more helpful with the process.  Up to this point, Rick has been shaving his head.  Isaiah really wanted to get his hair cut with the other kids at Kiddie Kutters(he calls it "Cookie Cutters).  We thought we would give it a try.  He was so excited.  
 I love this pic with Sam in the background
 While she was shaving his head, he kept saying, "I look awesome!  I love my tiny hair!"
After:  One Happy Boy
 While we are talking about this boy, I had to share some pics from our recent Sam's trip.
Isaiah with a tater tot pillow and bacon blanket
 With his eyes closed for dramatic effect
He asks me every day how long until his Birthday and how long until Christmas.  He has been talking all year about his Birthday and has changed his plans at least 20 times.  Every Friday when he is out of school(because Kindergarteners don't go to school on Fridays), he says, "It was so nice of Mrs. Hoyt to give us the day off."  Instead of saying "Nutcracker,"  he says, "Nicknacker."  He is a one-of-a-kind!

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  1. Isaiah is definitely one of a kind, you gotta love that kid! Speaking of love, I L.O.V.E. your new family pictures! You guys look amazing.