Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Cookie Decorating Competition 2012

Cookie Decorating.  I truly have a love/hate relationship with this tradition.  It is a lot of work.  I also feel like the kids fought with each other A LOT.  At one point, I looked at Rick and said, "Can we NOT do this tradition next year?"  Once we got to the actual decorating part, I feel like they settled down a bit.  It was not pretty there for a while, though.

Abby has become the best at setting up the table for our traditions.  This time was no exception.  
This was her work
 We started by rolling and cutting out the dough.
 Some used cookie cutters for the entries
 Some made their own unique designs

 Abby had her own gf dough thanks to the Nuffins mix we had.  
It was yummy, by the way.

 This chick is very generous with the icing and sprinkles
 Isaiah was a little cooking making machine
 The competition is getting tougher every year. 
 We had some very creative entries this year.
 I do love seeing each person come up with their own designs
 When we initially voted, there was a 4-way tie.
 The tears were minimal when the winner was announced.
That is an improvement on years' past.
 Here are the entries:
 Rick's Beyond Survival Africa
 Sam's highly decorated Gingerbread Man
 My Snow Globe
 Laila's colorful Africa
 Cody's Buddy the Elf
 Isaiah's Christmas Tree
 Abby's Ipod Touch with headphones
Lauren's Santa in a sleigh with Rudolph

After the second vote was complete, the winner was:

Well done, Lauren!  
As the winner, she got to begin the present opening on Christmas morning!

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