Tuesday, December 11, 2012

One Big Hallelujar!

The last week and a half:

- 4 kids with strep

-2 kids with something else congestion/fever/achy related

-1 kid with both

-12 slushies

-12 mugs of hot chocolate or chai tea

-2 bottles of ibuprofen

-1 big pot of Chicken noodle soup

-4 prescriptions filled

-3 kids with fevers of 104 degrees and higher consistently for 4 days.

-6 kids missing school

-1 school concert missed

-1 Viking Day missed(so glad I didn't have to figure out that costume!)

-1 piano recital missed

-11 total days of sickness

-1,000,000 times checking temperatures

-1 day of church missed

-3 mornings up at 4 AM

-1 care package dropped at our door by dear friends (Thanks, Houles!)

-1 adult who dodged a bullet and somehow turned the sickness around before it got bad.

-1 adult who is still standing

-8 loads of laundry to sanitize blankets and bedding(maybe more!)

-6 kids back to school today

-One Big Hallelujar(yes, I meant to spell it that way) that this round of sickness is complete!!!!


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