Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Table With a Story

We have had our kitchen table for almost 17 years.  There is a story of God's provision for us in this table.  When Rick and I were first married, we lived in Glasgow, KY where our families lived.  We had a cute little apartment and were given a table to borrow.  A year later, we moved to Dallas and returned the table to its owner.  For 6 months, we were without a table.  We would sit on our couch to eat, even when we had guests.  We had to sit on the floor to type papers on our word processor(yes, we are that old).  It wasn't impossible, but it definitely wasn't optimal, especially the paper writing part.  I remember how sore our backs would be crouching over those papers typing while sitting on the floor.  We absolutely did not have it in our budget to buy a new table.  So, we waited and prayed. 

In January, we received a check in the mail out of the blue from a family whose son I had taught in school the year before.  The note with the check said that they appreciated the investment I had made in their son and that they felt that God had impressed upon them to give us a check for $1,000 for a need that we might have.  You read that right, ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS.  The really cool part is that we had not had any communication with this family in over 8 months.  They had no idea of this need or our financial situation.  God provided.  We not only got a table, but we got to go out and shop for a brand new table.  This table has now been in our family all these years.  So, you see, this table is really more than just a table.  

Over the last couple of years, I have been frustrated with the stickiness of the surface of the table.  No amount of cleaning that I have done to it has made a difference.  It had gotten to the point that we could not put any paper(paper plates, napkins, homework papers) on it without it sticking to it and leaving half of the paper product behind.  It was very frustrating.  I was ready to get rid of it and just get a new table. 

Then, my amazing friend, Laura Fowler(that is what Isaiah calls her), swooped in and saved the day.  She is very handy.  She grew up working alongside her daddy on various projects and offered to come over and refinish this table with me.  What a gift.  She also brought her trusty assistant, Micah, along to help.  She worked on the table with us and helped watch the little kids for us.  
We started by cleaning it really well with steel wool and a strong cleaner  
 Then, we scraped off 17 years of gunk and coating on the table.  
 I didn't think to get a before pic.  There was paint on it, marker, scratches, etc.
This is the best I have.
 Then, the sanding began
 Here is the table fully sanded
 For six days the kids ate on the floor in the kitchen.
 After staining and sealing, I present to you:
Our beautiful table, restored to life!
I cannot tell you how excited I am to have this table back in a condition that is actually practical for our family.  I really do love it, and having it look so good reminds me of that.  I have had a love/hate relationship with it for a while now.  So, the story continues and this table remains a symbol of God's provision for our family.

Thank you, Laura Fowler.  I would never have attempted this without you.  I wouldn't have even known where to begin.  I had fun doing it with you, too!!  Can you come over next week and help me clean out my basement?  Just kidding!


  1. WOW! It looks SO GOOD!

  2. the AMAZING laura fowler to the rescue :)

  3. Yay! You did it! It looks awesome!