Sunday, October 7, 2012

Abby's Garden

We had our first freeze this week(BOO!).  That ends our garden for this year.  We had a pretty good year for our first try.  At least we had some success.  My biggest disappointment was the pumpkins.  Our pumpkin plants were growing beautifully.  This picture was much earlier in the summer. 
 By summer's end the vines had grown at least 5 feet.  We also had tons of beautiful blooms.  I just knew were going to have a great crop of pumpkins.  Everyone says how easy they are to grow here.
 Well, not so much for us.  We did not have one pumpkin form.  I have no clue what happened.  The only thing I can think of is that it was an unusually hot summer here.  We must not have watered them enough.  Any ideas on what we did wrong?

Our cucumber plants that we grew from seed only grew this one tiny cucumber
I definitely think they needed more water.
 We had 3 big zucchini that we made zucchini bread out of
 We only had one red pepper that actually survived to maturity.  The plant produced at least 4, but they spoiled before they turned red.
 Abby picked all the carrots that were left before the freeze
 Our biggest success was tomatoes.  
 These things were delicious!!
Abby picked at least 10 tomatoes to avoid freezing.  
Those are in a brown paper bag on the counter right now.  
 We also had cilantro, lavendar, and chives that grew well.  The strawberries were a flop, not even one berry!!  All in all, I think we did well for our first try.  I would do it again, especially the tomatoes!
This was our favorite discovery, the embracing carrots.

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  1. We planted strawberries a couple summers ago. That first summer, we got one or two berries. But the next summer we had TONS! Although...the squirrels got to them before we did. Maybe next year your strawberry crop will be more plentiful!