Monday, October 8, 2012


Abby had her fall piano recital.  
She played the theme song to "Star Wars" and "This Land Is Your Land."
 I loved seeing how she has advanced.  She did some two hand playing and a cool crossover playing thing.  You can see I am very technical in my music terms!

My two cuties after their bath
I had a Spalding training at school last week.  They basically go over the method they use to teach phonograms, writing, and reading in Kindergarten so that the parents can help their children knowledgeably at home.  This was my 5th time to go through this training.  I pulled our phonogram cards out of the ziploc back and found this inside:
 Who knows how that got in there!?!  I guess it could have been worse.  It did bring a smile to my face.

Remember me mentioning Super Sam?  Well, here he is with is shirt under his football gear.
How does this kid continue to be so cute??/

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