Sunday, October 14, 2012

"Pumpkin Patch"

Since our attempt at growing pumpkins failed, I thought a visit to a pumpkin patch would be fun as a family outing during Fall Break.  I found a great deal through Living Social to a "pumpkin patch" that we had not been to before.  It was made clear on the website that they had not grown their pumpkins, but brought them in.  I was okay with that.  I envisioned a tractor hay ride to a field of pumpkins strewn about.  I thought we could run through the fields each picking out the perfect pumpkin.  The website also talked about all kinds of other activities that were available for kids of all ages.  I was so excited about this little family outing.  Well, in case you haven't noticed, each time I talk about this place, I use quotation marks.  It was not anything like I had pictured in my mind.  We pulled up to an open field.  with a few stations scattered about.  The big kids began complaining right away.  I will say this, we made memories that we won't forget.  We laughed a lot and left there without even a pumpkin to our name.  Oh, yeah, the hayride went in a really small circle and the pumpkins were in a big box that they had shipped in.  They even had the UPC stickers on them.  It looked like something you would see outside of the grocery store.  Here is our "Pumpkin Patch" adventure in pics:
Roping some "hay steers"
 Rick got one!
 This sounds so dangerous, doesn't it?
 Well, here it is.  Lauren and Abby living dangerously.
 Sam found  a place of peace
 The hay slide was the most fun.  Everyone took a turn.
 Cody and Laila


 Gourd Launching
 This is what they were launching the gourds at.

 I forgot to take a picture of the "pumpkin patch", I mean box.  There was also a pony to ride, but we opted not to spend MORE money than we already had.  They also had some sheep, goats, ducks to feed if you wanted to buy feed.  They had a small hay bale maze with some tunnels that the littles enjoyed.  The "big kid" maze was a roped area.  I couldn't  convince my "big kids" that they could have fun racing through it.  Cody kept saying, "Mom, what's the point, you can just go under the rope."
 Ha, Ha, Cody!
 My beautiful Laila flower
 Candy corn Lauren
 We ended the time with some planking

 To regain order amongst the natives and redeem the day, we headed to Chick-fil-a for some lunch.
 Everyone's happy now.
Truly, the "pumpkin patch" was just fine for preschoolers.  I do think Isaiah and Laila, and maybe even Sam had some fun.  The big kids asked if we could just skip the "pumpkin patch" next year and go straight to Chick-fil-a.  Next year, I will spend a little more money and go to one of the real pumpkin patches.  Now, I need to go to the grocery store and buy some pumpkins!

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