Thursday, June 28, 2012


I am so behind on blogging.  This week and the events of it have really distracted me.  I find myself glued to the news websites and facebook trying to get a grip on what is happening.  I have spoken to 5 families who still don't know if their houses are standing.  They have all been looking at maps and it appears their homes may be safe.  I know several who know for sure their house is gone.  The pictures are devastating to see.  

It was reported today that 346 homes are gone.  So far, no lives have been lost.  The fire is now 10% contained.  The last 2 days have been much better.  We are praying that the worst is over, but we know that in no way is this fire done.  

My kids who struggle to breathe are doing well.  No problems so far.  I am being proactive and keeping them in most of the day.  We are going stir crazy, but I would rather go stir crazy at home than at the hospital.

On another note, Abby got braces on Monday.  
The Before Picture   
 Working on those teeth
 Putting on the brackets
She has braces only on 8 teeth on top and she chose aqua blue bands.

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  1. I loved taking pictures of Joseph with his first set of braces. He was so cute and it was amazing how much his smile and teeth changed so quickly. I know you're a braces veteran with other kids, but they are all just as cute with that first set of braces.