Friday, June 1, 2012

First Week of Summer

Our first week of summer had been filled with activity.  It started last Saturday with Abby's piano recital.  She did beautifully, as always.  I have never once had to make this girl practice piano.  She loves it and is completely motivated.
 That is her teacher in the picture with her.  I just love that woman.  She is such an example of living life to the fullest.  Not only has she overcome some pretty devastating circumstances in her life, but she is vibrant and active despite some health issues.  She has an amazing flower/herb/vegetable garden in her back yard.  I am not just talking a couple of raised beds.  I am talking beautiful flowers, arches, fountains,and pathways everywhere.  I didn't even know you could grow all of this stuff in CO.  Because of Abby's passion for gardening and her teacher's expertise, we volunteered Abby's time to help out with gardening chores.  Her teacher was so excited and not only wants her help, but is paying her for her work!  This is a perfect situation, not only does she get to learn from an amazing woman, she also gets to earn some money for her summer!!

We were blessed with an amazing gift on Sunday.  We were given this 4-wheeler as a hand-me-down from some dear friends.  I cannot even tell you how much excitement this has added to our house.  We have never had a battery operated vehicle.  This one is so cool because it is big enough for the bigger kids, too!
 Sam loves it so much he wanted me to take his picture kissing and hugging it!
 Each morning I call the kids together to do this devotional together.  They "love"(not really) hearing me sing the old hymn that says, "Jesus is calling, tenderly calling"each morning when it is time to gather for the start of our day.  I love having something to bring our day into focus!  I really love the adult version of this book, too.  It totally challenges me and ministers to my heart.
 Here is our summer list that we created.
On the left:  Fun Things To Do
On the Right:  Acts of Service
 I am looking forward to marking things off our list and making the summer about more than just our fun, but also serving others!

We did some butcher paper drawing on the patio.  They love this, and I love that it occupies them.  We are going to use that butcher paper for lots of different activities this summer.
 Isaiah insisted I get a picture of his "Big Whale" he drew.

 Do you remember me mentioning Isaiah's job of folding towels.  The boys is a great towel folder, but for some reason, he thinks he needs to make a different pile for each towel he has folded.  He was so proud of his work.
 My bedroom floor was covered in random towel piles.
I guess we need to work on that!
Speaking of jobs, I have 3 kids around here willing to work really hard this summer.  Cody is currently doing dog walking, but also likes to do yard work and car washing.  Lauren is a great babysitter, and she and Abby are both great house cleaners.  If you need help, just let us know.  They would love the opportunity to earn some extra spending money and the experience that comes with a job.

The kids have been having late bedtimes now that school is out.  I found Sam like this on his floor one night this week.  He just couldn't make it to his bed. 
Late bedtimes, means later mornings.  That is probably my favorite thing about summer.  I am loving sleeping in.  Summer is my favorite time of year!!

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