Friday, June 29, 2012

Our Growing Family

Going to KY is all about family.  We are blessed to have both Rick's and my extended families living in the same town.  Each visit is filled with Papa, Grammy, and Grandma love, playtime with cousins, and even opportunities to see extended family like Aunts, Uncles, and Rick's and my cousins.  

Isaiah loves KY and he loves his grandparents.  
He asked to take picture after picture with them.
I am also pretty sure he gave them enough hugs and kisses to make up for the 
50 weeks of the year when he doesn't see them.
 We were so thrilled to have both a niece and nephew born while we were visiting.  My brother, Brian, and his wife, Ashley, had their first baby, Briley Brooke King, 8lbs. 5oz.  I got to see her within an hour of when she was born.  That was such a treat for me!
Here is Isaiah with his new role as the "Baby Whistler"
 He is convinced that his whistling is exactly what every baby needs to calm down and relax.  He absolutely loved seeing Briley and had the hardest time keeping his hands off her.  He kept reminding everyone that if they need any help he is a baby expert.
Another Grandbaby
We haven't had a newborn in the family for 8 1/2 years!!
 Rick's brother, Rob, and his wife, Tonia, had their 7th baby, Seth Richard, 12lbs. 1oz.  This not-so- little guy was born via c-section 10 days BEFORE his due date.  Poor little guy was struggling at first with his blood sugar and breathing so he had to go to Louisville for a week.  We only got to see him through the nursery window before they whisked him off.  I was so bummed not to get hold this bundle of love.
 Thankfully, he is home now and doing well.  He has a check-up with the cardiologist coming up to check the status of his little heart.  There were some concerns initially.  Pray that they get a great report!!

Because of various vacations and Seth's birth, Rick's family was not all together at the same time.  Here is a picture of him with his mom and sister, Kimberly.  We didn't get one with his brother, unfortunately.
 Rick and me after the beach(don't we look so relaxed?)
 Our family(the only pic of all of us together)
 Sam and his cousin Zack(these 2 have so much fun together)
 The night before we left, we got some time with Brian, Ashley, and Briley.
I could do this all day!!  I just love me some newborn baby, and she is such a little sweetie.
 Lauren lovin' on Briley
 Abby just sat and held her for the longest time.
 Grammy and ALL of her grandkids
(a fine looking crew, if I do say so myself)
I can't even believe that it worked so well for us to see the babies.  That really made our trip special.

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