Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hail, No!!

These pics are of Abby's garden just a few days ago, thriving and growing. 
Pumpkins, strawberries, lavender, zucchini, cilantro, and red bell pepper
 We are excited to see the carrots we planted poking through the ground.
 The cucumber seeds are growing in nicely, too!
She also has tomato plants.
 Yesterday, this happened for an hour straight.
We are talking flooding and mega hail coming down non-stop!
 At first, Lauren and Abby thought it would be fun to see what it feels like to have the marble-sized hail hitting them.  Then it became bouncy ball sized and came down harder and faster.  
 Then, we remembered the garden.  Oh, no!  
They went straight to work. 
 As they were working, I could hear them saying, "Ouch, Ouch, Ouch."  
 This is what they rigged up.  The umbrella to cover the tomato plants.
A garbage bag and blanket to cover the rest.  
Sam grabbed this piece of hail.  
This was one of the smaller pieces.  It got much bigger after this pic.
 These pics were taken today.
 Our poor little leaves have been tattered and torn.
 Will they survive?  That is yet to be determined.  
Hopefully we caught it in time and will have some veggies before summer is over.
Speaking of veggies.  We did cut off our first stems of cilantro to make guacamole this week.
The happy farmer with her crop!!
The huge blessing in all of this is that our basement didn't flood.  We have been having issues with that since we moved into the house.  Rick was able to tackle that project last summer and get things fixed.  Last night was the true test.  The basement was safe and dry!  

Did my title make you laugh?  I couldn't stop laughing as I typed it! : )

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  1. Loved the title! I wasn't home, so my plants are all trashed. Hopefully Abby will still get a bumper crop!