Tuesday, June 26, 2012

KY Vacation Part 1

We left for KY on June 8th and returned to CO on June 23rd to this:
 If you haven't heard, we are having multiple fires around the Colorado Springs area.
We are safe where we are, but many of our friends have been evacuated from their homes.
 Please  pray for this whole situation.  It is not good.  Our air is filled with smoke this morning and many structures are in danger.  We have 3 kids who have breathing issues already.  They are staying inside today.  It is not worth the risk.

This is my favorite place in KY, my parents' porch.  I love to sit out here in the mornings with a cup of coffee and my Bible.  Many good times are had on this porch.  Lots of memories.
 It is the kids' favorite place to eat at Papa's and Grammy's house
 Right after we arrived, Laila came running into Papa and Grammy's house announcing to my mom and me:  "Good News!!  I got a new bike!"  She rode miles on that thing over the 2 weeks we were there.
My parents have the perfect driveway for bike riding.
Papa and Grammy really scored at some yard sales.  First the bike, then Transformers for Sam and Isaiah.
 When I was looking through our pics, I found about 20 pics of our truck.  That is not something I would take a picture of.  Rick, obviously, feels differently.  "Smooth Ride" did well on its first trip across the country.  Even though the back is smaller than our old truck, we were able to fit everything in without a car top carrier.  That is a first.  Rick is an amazing truck packer!
 Posing for Daddy
 My parents have AMAZING neighbors.  They always so willingly share their stuff with us when we visit.  Not to mention the kids love hanging out together.  Seeing them is one of the highlights for our kids on our KY trips.  Unfortunately, they were gone on vacation for most of our time there.  They still let us use their trampoline and pool.  The kids got a couple of days together and did some night swimming, Rock Band playing, and trampoline jumping.

  I promise, none of these pictures are photoshopped.  Rick got some really good shots!  Thanks, Barbour Family for sharing with us!
 Splits in the air
 Karate Kid
 This is probably my favorite
 Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

 Upside down Sam

 I love the heat and humidity of the South.  My kids are NOT used to it.  They spent lots of time cooling off in the pool.
Abby made her own float with pool noodles
 Isaiah was very scared at first
 Laila looks way happier here than she was most of the time.  
She loves to swim, but hates not being able to touch the bottom.

 After a couple of tries, we couldn't get this kid out of the pool.
More to come....

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