Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Please Pray

  I just can't bring myself to post anything today, but to ask each of you to pray for our city.

 Specifically, if you will join our church family and community and pray at 11:00 AM MST.

Let me start by saying our family is safe.  We live on the East side of the Interstate.  The fires are on the west side.

After 3 days of keeping the Waldo Canyon Fire away from structures, strong winds propelled the fires into neighborhoods destroying homes.  

We have many friends who live in that part of town and still do not know if their homes were affected.  My heart breaks for them and the devastation that has occurred.  

32,000 people have been evacuated from their homes.  The fire went from 5,000 acres to 15,000 acres in a matter of hours.  We reached an all-time record high of 101 degrees.  These high temps we are experiencing do not help with the fighting of the fire.  

The air quality is "unhealthy" which brings many concerns for those with breathing difficulties.  Abby, Sam, and Isaiah all have issues in this area.  We have been told to stay inside as much as possible.

Seeing the pictures and watching from our house last night was horrifying.

The earliest estimated date of containment at this point is July 16th. 

Those are basic facts, BUT above and beyond any of that is our God.  We are crying out to Him for help in this time of trouble.

This song comes to my mind:
"Our God is greater,
Our God is stronger,
God you are higher than any other,
Our God is Healer,
Awesome in Power, 
Our God, Our God
And if our God is for us,
Then who could ever stop us, 
And if our God is with us,
Then what could stand against?"

Will you please join me in praying today?

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  1. Into the darkness you shining
    Out of the ashes we Rise
    There's no One like You
    None like You.