Friday, April 6, 2012

Yogurt and Mojitos

On Wed. YoYogurt had a great deal in celebration of its first Bday. $.99 for all of the yogurt and toppings you can fit in the cup. We could not pass that up. The kids and I headed there after school. When we got there, the line was like this:
I thought about it. We didn't have anywhere else to be. Everyone was excited. The weather was nice. So, we went for it. We actually only ended up being in line for 3o minutes. It was so worth it.
This child had every form of gummy item on his coconut ice cream
Laila couldn't finish hers
I did not take pictures of the other kids because that would be embarrassing in front of all those people.
Introducing: Princess Booty
I think she means "Sleeping Beauty" but that is not how she says it.
This along with a Snow White dress were given to Laila this week by the mom of one of Isaiah's classmates. Laila said, "Zack's mom is awesome." She was so excited.
Yes, we are fancy when we do our cleaning around here.
If my children tell you that they like Mojitos, please don't judge me. Let me clarify. Crystal Light has a new flavor called Mojito. There is no alcohol involved. It just takes kind of like a limeade.

Isaiah said to me today, "Mommy, you're not so angry this year." Translation: "This year" means "today" when he says it. I asked him, "Do you think Mommy is angry a lot?" He answered, "No", but I have to wonder. He and I have had some rough times lately. He just doesn't think the same rules apply to him as everyone else or he just wants to see if they are still going to be enforced. Either way, he has been spending a lot of time in various discipline situations over the last couple of weeks.

This weekend will be full of lots of Easter traditions. I am excited to see my older kids begin to grasp more of the true depth of the Cross and Resurrection. Isaiah has been wanting to talk a lot about Satan lately. I have the most interesting theological discussions with that little guy. I really want all of my kids to see the significance of this season and the impact it has on our lives.

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