Monday, April 2, 2012

Flashlight/Glow-in-the Dark Easter Egg Hunt

My friend, Jessica, does a flashlight egg hunt with her kids each year. She asked if I the kids and I wanted to join in with them. And, of course, we did! We added a new element that we saw on Pinterest by having some Glow-in-the Dark Eggs. Go here to see how to do it. I have to reiterate what is said in the blog post, be sure to use larger eggs. We did not and some of the glow sticks were leaking and the eggs were popping open. So, USE BIGGER EGGS!!!

We started the night by having the kids decorate colorful gift bags. They would later use these bags to collect their eggs in. Each of the older kids were allowed to invite a friend to come participate. Cody actually decided to help us with stuffing eggs and hiding them. We couldn't have done it without him!!
Lauren, Nichole, and Abby decorating their bags
Sam and Caeden
After we decorated bags, we made tombs. We wanted to have some spiritual significance to our time and take a few minutes to talk about the real meaning of Easter. I will say, that can be challenging with 13 children of all ages, but we did it!! We also wanted to wait until dark to begin the egg hunt.
Isaiah and Laila making their tombs
(Grands biscuits rolled out, put a marshmallow, Jesus, in the center, and close up the tomb.)
Jessica had the brilliant idea of writing their names on the tombs with edible marker so we would know which one belonged to each child(who wants to eat a tomb with someone else's germs on it, especially when 4 of those kids are Kindergarten and younger?)
Bake at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes
The marshmallows melt away leaving only the grave clothes behind.
When you open the tomb, it is empty!!
Jesus is Alive!
It would be really great if I had pics of the Easter Egg Hunt, but unfortunately, I don't. We did it at a nearby park. I decided my little camera probably wouldn't work anyway, and I really wanted to enjoy the time with the kids. Laila also needed my assistance.

We had plastic eggs containing candy, water balloons, cute individual socks(In case in you didn't know, it is really cool to have mismatched socks these days. So, if you got 2 different eggs with 2 different socks, you would have a pair), and a silver egg and a gold egg each with money in them.

Cody and Jessica left to hide the eggs and I got this text, "Oh, no, the sprinklers just came on."

Hmmm, we hadn't thought about that possibility. Thankfully it was a park with lots of areas that weren't grassy to hide the eggs so we were still a go.

Each child was armed with a flashlight. We did not begin until it was truly dark and we let them go at it. Since some of the glow sticks wouldn't fit in the eggs, they also hid those.

It was so fun. We had over 300 eggs for the 13 kids so there were plenty of eggs for everyone.

Then, once the egg hunt was over, we came home and the kids were able to open all their eggs and trade things if they wanted.

It really was a lot of fun. Oh, and if you live in Colorado Springs, you have to check out Jessica's website. She has a business called "Sassy Sweet" and makes some yummy, creative treats. If you ever need someone to cater a party or bake a delicious and amazingly decorated cake or cupcakes, you have to give her a call!!


  1. um. so fun! jessica is the greatest :)

  2. What a great idea! Glad to see your resurrection rolls look a little crazy after baking like ours do. :) Also, meant to tell you, my kids and hub LOVE the orange juliuses and beg for them now. Simple. Not really junk food. They all love it. Thank you for the idea. I get so many ideas from you.