Friday, April 27, 2012

Antibiotics, Adoption, Manners, Moths, and Songs

As always, there has been a lot happening around here this week.  I think I am going to share in bullet points!!

~After my last post, I am pretty sure that I am going to get a call from some children's record company because of the amazing hand washing song "Scrubby Dubbers," that I wrote.  I thought I would share another one of our "special" songs to show the high caliber of music that exists in our house.  This is the "Hair Rinsing Song." 
"Look up to the sky,
Way up high.
Way up high,
I am going to look up to the sky.
Look up in the air,
So I can rinse hair."

I know, how did I live this long without being discovered?  If you could hear it to music, you would be so amazed.  : )

~We have been so overwhelmed by the responses to our big news.  Thank you so much for all of the kind words, excitement, and encouragement you have given to us.  It is amazing to have a community of people celebrating this new calling with us.  It is a HUGE transition for our family.  As I shared, Rick begins on May 7, but we decided as a family to start attending the church this coming Sunday in order to help the kids transition.  Once Rick actually begins work, he will have responsibilities that would keep him from riding with us and being available as we settle the kids into their new classes.  Your prayers are so appreciated!!

~Colorado is being bombarded by attack moths.  They are everywhere.  They are gross.  They are crunchy(that is my criteria for bugs that I don't like).  My kids are terrified of them.  We can't even open our windows in most of the house because they figure out ways to get in.  How long will this last??

~I have been working with Isaiah on his manners.  He really needs to learn some social skills in this area.  He is loud.  He believes that EVERYTHING he has to say is more important than anything else that could possibly be going on in the world.  This leads to many interruptions in conversations.  This also leads to him being very impatient.  He is too rough physically.  A lot of it is his personality.  Some of it has to do with not being taught these boundaries until he was almost 2 1/2 years old.  Every time we go to someone's house, he asks for food.  I have been teaching him that it is not nice to do that.  So, we set a new guideline.  If someone offers him food, he can accept, but he does not need to go into everyone's home asking for food.  Yesterday, he was at Laura Fowler's house(He literally calls her Laura Fowler every time he speaks to her.  It is really cute, and she likes it a lot.)  I reminded him about asking for food.  When I got back, he said, "Laura Fowler offered me food."  I was so proud that he didn't ask.  Then, Laura and I were discussing it and this is actually how it went down, "Laura Fowler, if you offer me some food I can have some."  Yes, it was cute.  That boy always finds a way around the system.  Back to square one!!

~Cody, Lauren, and Sam have all had strep throat in the last week.  Abby's migraines have been off the charts.  Isaiah has needed to do breathing treatments for a cough he is developing.  Laila is the only one that hasn't had some medical issue.  I have successfully given 2 of the kids their antibiotics incorrectly.  I basically overdosed Cody the first day by giving him  his pill twice rather than the prescribed once a day.  I discovered today that I have only been giving Lauren half of her medicine each day.  She was supposed to take 2 pills twice a day.  Instead, she has been taking 1 pill twice a day.  I really think I might need to hire a personal assistant soon!!

~I want to end this post with a beautiful story.  This is a story about a family who is very dear to me.  Over the last 2+ years this family has followed God's calling to foster/adoption.  If you know anything about that journey, you know it is not easy.  Theirs has been exceptionally painful at times.  I have watched them love over 10 children in this timeframe.  They have sacrificed and loved so well.  Yesterday, we got to stand with them along with at least 75 other people and watch them adopt their sweet, spunky, sassy little Amiah Eliah Hope.  This little girl was meant for this family.  This family has been waiting for this little girl.  I remember the day at church that I knelt with Ellen at the altar as we prayed about bringing this child into her home in the midst of some very difficult situations.  None of us had any idea what would happen over the next year and a half.  Yesterday was the culmination, celebration, and completion of the work that God has been doing.  
The Goad Family(and the judge)
It was so touching to watch each member of the family commit to Amiah to love, protect, and cherish her in their own unique way.  I can't wait to see the plans God has for this little girl.  Isaiah had his moments at the adoption as well.  At one point, the judge asked if one of them wanted to introduce the family members that were present.  Isaiah raised his hand, because, of course, the judge was speaking directly to him.  When it was over, Isaiah said, "I almost cried that was so beautiful."  I don't know if Laila and Isaiah remember their court date or fully understand the significance of that moment, but Laila was hugging and kissing me the whole time.  It was like she got it.
Congratulations, Goad Family!!  We love you!!

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  1. can SO relate to isaiah and all that he is - loud, thinks what he says is the most important, food being an, why don't we live closer?!?