Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Weekend

We had a great Easter weekend with lots of activities to do for fun and also to remember what the weekend was all about. We started on Thursday night by making tombs as a family.
I love this tradition because all the kids can do it.
The various ways we closed our tombs
The finished product.
Lauren's did the best this year. It stayed closed and was empty inside!
My favorite thing is that we then take the bread, pour some sparkling juice,
and do communion together as a family.
After we were finished, we put the 2 little ones to bed and watched "The Passion of the Christ" with the 4 bigger kids. It was their first time to see it, and it really impacted them. We were on the fence about whether or not to let Sam see it, but we decided to go ahead. It was powerful to watch and give them each a of visual of the story they have heard since they were little. It was especially meaningful to do it with them after taking communion. That will become a new tradition.

Saturday morning began with a special big breakfast of sausage balls, monkey bread, and coffee. Then we got ready to dye Easter Eggs.

Cody said he was "kickin' old school" and didn't want any of the fancy schmancy stuff that I bought to decorate the eggs with.
Here is his "flames" egg.
I found the cutest little kits at Target this year that I just knew the kids would love.
The first one was a "Pop star diva" set
The little diva eggs
Abby's monkey
It came with a concert stage, instruments and microphones for them to hold.
Here is an "Eggcellent" Concert
The other set was for "pirate" eggs.
Abby also got creative and made an Africa egg
The aftermath
Whenever this boy goes outside, you can always find him hanging out in the tree!
I saw a really cute idea the other day on a blog to do a mini marshmallow roast with tea lights and mini marshmallows. So the girls decided to make a campfire for their Diva Eggs.
"Cumbaya my, Lord, Cumbaya"
We took the idea a step further, used chocolate chips and Golden Grahams
and made mini s'mores.
Cody joined in on that fun!
They were so cute...
...and so yummy!
That afternoon, Sam, Isaiah, and Laila did an egg hunt with the Resurrection Eggs.
They each got to find 4 eggs.
Abby read the Scriptures for us as we talked through each one and how the items related to the Easter story
We forgot to do the Easter Story cookies this year. Our neighborhood had a cookout and by the time everyone came inside it was late. We will have to bring back that tradition next year.
Sunday morning began with the yearly Easter Basket Picture
Which then led into our Easter morning Scavenger Hunt.
They follow the clues, carry their baskets, and get treats along the way.
One of the stops included cards with money from Papa and Grammy
A hug break with Dad
3 different kinds of Jelly Beans in the bathroom
Gum in the dryer
There were 10 stops along the way with various treats and prizes.
We sat down to a breakfast of cinnamon rolls and leftover sausage balls and monkey bread.
We hurriedly got ready for church. In the process of it all, I forgot to take a family pic. For the last two years, I have not gone out and bought everyone coordinating outfits like I used to do. They all have clothes they can wear and the boys actually had matching shirts that Grammy sent at Christmas. The girls always have plenty of springy dresses to choose from. As they get older they are less thrilled about being all matchy matchy. So, we just made do with what we had. It was actually the smoothest Easter morning EVER!

After church, we came home. The day was unusually warm so the kids spent the afternoon outside preparing for a water balloon war, while I cooked a big ham dinner.

Once again, no pics. I guess I was all "pictured" out.

We will have to try to get a family pic on Mother's Day. That will be the next time I can convince them all to dress up for me.

It really was a great Easter. I am loving how our kids are processing this holiday more and more each year as they begin to grasp the significance of it!


  1. O.K.- a few things :) I love the egg kits! I'm totally going to Target to see if they have any on clearance for next year! Also- I had been thinking about letting the bigger girls watch The Passion, but worried about it. I think Moriah is still too sensitive... ALSO- WOW!!! Cody looks like a TOTALLY different person!? Have I been gone that LONG!? He's like..... a man or something?? :) Happy Easter! Missed being at Vanguard.....

  2. i love all your traditions! especially communion together!