Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Smoothie Wednesday

Wednesday mornings are smoothie days at our house. The kids know that they can count on me making smoothies for breakfast. Who knew making a smoothie could be so exciting?

We had a snow day yesterday after temps in the 70s and 80s for over a week. I am not really sure why they cancelled school. The roads were fine, but we were glad to have the day off. I went back to bed, the kids made hot chocolate, we watched a movie in the afternoon, and celebrated Ms. Julie's bday that night. (In case you don't know who Ms. Julie is, she is basically another member of our family!! Our relationship started off by her blessing us with babysitting the kids. After 7 years, she is a part of the Clapps. We couldn't let her bday pass without a family celebration!) The girls decorated the house with "Happy Birthday signs, and set up the table for a party.
We had stuffed shells for dinner.
(I didn't know Abby was hiding when I took this pic, little stinker!)
As I was giving Isaiah sauce on his shells, I spilled Julie's whole glass of water on her.
Happy Birthday!!
We had Brownie Delight for dessert and sang "Happy Birthday"
One of our bday traditions is to go around the table and share why the bday person is special. Some themes stood out with Ms. Julie. "She plays Wii with us, she gets us Sonic drinks with 'happy juice'(so as not to be misunderstood here, let me explain that according to Julie that Sonic puts 'happy juice' in their drinks during Happy Hour each day. She has taken the kids many times to partake in these delightful drinks.), she takes us to Garden of the Gods to hike, she has sleepovers with us, she takes us to the park, she takes us to her house, she keeps us so Mommy can go to her appointments, and (from Rick and me) she lets us go on dates and loves our kids the way we do."
One of Ms. Julie's favorite treats: Sweet Tart Jelly Beans
We love you, Ms. Julie, and are so glad that God brought you to our family!! We pray this next year is your best yet!!

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