Friday, December 9, 2011


After Sam was born, I started giving away the girls' clothes as Abby outgrew them. I was so overwhelmed taking care of 4 kids, I gave up on my dream of having 6 children for a while. God had a special plan for us to have 6 kids and those days of being overwhelmed and realizing my body couldn't handle another pregnancy were all part of His plan to lead us to Isaiah and Laila.

Over the last few months, Laila has been able to wear some of Lauren's and Abby's hand-me-downs. There is just something special about that for me. I love seeing them in the clothes their siblings have worn. It reminds me how fast the time really goes.
I have this picture of Abby with an attitude wearing one of her favorite outfits
when she was 4 years old.
She seemed so big to me back then. Fast Forward 5 years. Now, it fits Laila. She is a year younger than when Abby was wearing the same outfit. Sister has an attitude in this picture, but it is not quite the same as Abby displayed!! She wasn't thrilled about this pic, but I couldn't resist.
My, how fast they grow up!!
Oh, how I wish I could capture her personality in pictures more.
She is so resistant to sharing it with the world.
Want to see how sweet, funny, and adorable Laila really is? Come to our house where she feels comfortable and put on some music. Sister will light up the dance floor and talk your ear off!!

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