Tuesday, December 20, 2011

5 Year old IN THE HOUSE!!

Sunday was Isaiah's 5th bday. It was his year to have a family party so he chose for us to go to Chuck E. Cheese's together.
Ready to go in!!
Lauren hit the jackpot!
Feeding the tickets!!
He got over 400 with the help of several of us!!
"Slap Happy Sammy"
Bball star!
Tickets galore!
Hanging out with Chuck!
I was so shocked when she hugged him!
Lunch time!
Caged animal
Cody created an invention to reach under machines and get lost tickets and coins.
He calls it "American Ingenuity"
Papa and Grammy got this cool toy for Isaiah!
They are dirty and when you wash them with warm water, they get clean.
They also have body wash in them.
They also got him a big boy water bottle.
No more sippy cups when you turn 5 in our family!
I just loved this reaction to his new scooter.
Grandma gave him a gift card to Walmart
He got lots of gifts from his brothers and sisters, too!! He was one happy little guy.
We gathered together for the dinner of his choice:
Rudolph sandwiches, Doritos, and Caprisuns with Cars 2 plates and napkins
Blow those candles out, baby boy!!
We had brownie cookie bars and ice cream for dessert
To end the night, we loaded up the truck in our jammies to go to a local church's drive-thru Christmas lights display. They have over half a million lights that range from Santa and Mrs. Claus to a living Nativity. Isaiah was as entertaining as the lights display. He talked to everyone in the display through the whole ride saying, "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year." As we approached Santa and Mrs. Claus, he had this discussion with them
Isaiah: Are you the real ones?
Clauses: Of course.
Isaiah: Well, then, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Isaiah: (As our truck began to move forward through the display, he desperately yelled out) Oh, and I want a new fire truck for Christmas!!

He was hilarious. He was true to who he is. This kid is an extrovert to the maximum extreme.
I know without a doubt that God has big plans for you, son. He has had his Hand on your life from the beginning. I love you deeply. I pray for you desperately as you grow and process the life that you have been given. You are loved! You are chosen! You are not alone!! You make me laugh. You challenge me. You amaze me. You steal my heart away!
Love you,

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  1. Your Isaiah and my Elijah have so much in common with their forceful personalities and extreme extrovert behavior. Sometimes, I feel like you are writing things about Elijah! What a fun milestone for your family and for your wonderful, miraculous boy. Thanks for sharing.