Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Craziness

Every year, I try to make things special for the month of December.

Every year, I end up running around like a crazy woman trying to get it all done.

It doesn't help that Isaiah has a bday on Sunday, exactly one week before Christmas.

To top it all off, this month has become "appliance/major necessities of life breakdown month."
That is really special during Christmas time. I hope that does not become a tradition!!

We have replaced 2 tires, had our furnace worked on, had 3 major dental events, the garage door opener needs to be replaced, and lots of random things keep breaking around the house.

Each kid needs various things for their class parties this week: food, 3 books for book exchanges, teacher gifts(20 loaves of bread: loaves 16-20 are in the oven right now!!), costume for Pioneer Day for Sam, etc.

I have more loaves of bread to bake for some special people in our lives.

Christmas cards are in process.

Christmas baking will begin this weekend.

Christmas shopping needs to be finished. I have done very little at this point. There is not even one gift wrapped yet!!

We are doing a couple of new traditions this year that I am VERY excited about.

The kids get out for Christmas break after their half day of school on Friday.

Next week includes: Laila's hair braiding, 4 kids getting dental cleanings, and Isaiah has his 5 year old checkup, oh, and it is Christmas.

Crazy, Crazy Christmas!!

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  1. Hey Laura,
    I would love to have your address to send you a Christmas card! I'm thinking that maybe you should try to schedule dentist appts. in January next year (although as I say that, two of us had to go this month - so I totally get it)! I love traditions too - enjoy!