Monday, September 9, 2013

Swazi Trip Update

One month from tomorrow, Rick, Abby, me, along with a small team will be boarding a plane to Africa.  It has been 2 years and 4 months since I have been there.  My heart is so ready to be back in Swaziland, see the people that we love so much, hold some babies, give Abby the experience of a lifetime, and dream about the future of Beyond Survival.

We have been overwhelmed by God's Provision for this trip.  He is teaching Abby lessons that she will remember the rest of her life.  Lessons of how He provides and lessons of how He has called His people to give.  Truly, we could not follow this calling without the sacrificial giving of so many.  We are humbled and forever grateful for your investment in our family and this ministry.  Every gift we have received from $5 to $1,000 has strengthened our faith and blessed our hearts.

Many of you have asked me where we are in our fundraising efforts.  At this point, we have a little over half of what we need to cover mine and Abby's trips.  As we experience the blessing of these gifts and have seen God provide through our efforts to raise money via the yard sale, Abby's lemonade stand, Abby's bracelet making, and some online sales we have been able to do, we are challenged to be available to God in any way that He chooses to use us on this trip.  We cannot wait to see what He has for us and the others who will be going!

Some of you have asked me about online giving.  We do have a way for you to give towards our trip on the Beyond Survival website.  You can go HERE to give.  Any gift that is given is tax deductible.   If you decide to give in this way, I would so appreciate an email once you have given so I can make sure the gift is processed and received properly.  My email address is:

We would love your prayers for us and our family as we approach the trip.  We have found that there is so much spiritual warfare in the service of the Lord.  We desperately want to serve Him to the fullest on this trip.

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