Saturday, September 28, 2013

Soccer Days

We currently have 4 of our 6 children in activities.  Abby is doing piano and gymnastics(one day of the week each), Cody is doing a preseason basketball league, Lauren and Isaiah are both doing soccer.  

Lauren's team has had a good start to the season with 2 wins and 2 losses.  The games they lost were close and today, even though they lost, Lauren scored an AMAZING goal, her first of the season.
She is on the far right
 This girl really loves soccer and she loves to play it in cold weather.
I, for one, don't care too much for sitting in cold weather to watch a game!
 This is her 3rd season on the Pumas with Coach Kevin. 
He is amazing.  The team prays together before every game.
 He is such a good coach.  He really values teamwork and sportsmanship 
 He even does the cheers with the girls
 I had to share this pic because of the mountains.  Yes, this is our view every day.
Lauren is on the far right
 She has really improved over the last year.  I can see such a difference in her playing this season. 
She is more aggressive, passes really well, and plays really good at offense.  
Lauren on the left
 She has grown up as a young lady quite a bit, too!
She is definitely a leader on her team as one of only 2 return players

 Watching Isaiah's team play is a whole other story.  This is his first time to be in an organized sport.  They must be 6 before we begin that madness!!

He is improving as the season progresses, but I can't tell if this is something that he has in him.
I think he could do great at it, I am just not sure if he is going to be passionate about it.
 There are no such thing as positions in this league.  
 It is just a huge herd of children following the ball around the field. 
 Isaiah always makes friends with the referees.  I catch him talking to them throughout the game.  Shocker, right?
 Here is the view from his game at a different park
 Throwing the ball in.  He asks every time if he can throw it or kick it when it goes out.
 Here he is kicking a penalty kick
 This is what he is like at the end of every game.  
He is usually pretty sluggish during the last quarter.  Then, he pretty much collapses!
His season is going well so far with 3 wins and 2 losses.
 I love pics of my kids and their dad from behind.
"A Man and His Son"
 This is what Sam does during Isaiah's games
 He is pretty good
If you knew him when he was a toddler, he always amazed everyone with his scooter skills at the age of 2.  Now, he hangs out with the big kids at the skate park.  
 Laila joins in on her bike.
 Where is that girl's helmet???  
 She truly is my sunshine
 Abby had a piano recital today.  I forgot to take pictures.  She is taking a break from gymnastics until after our Africa trip so her ankle/heel injury can heal.

Cody's games are at 8:30 on Monday nights about 30 minutes away!!  Let's just say, the littles and I won't be making it to many of them.  We will catch him in the actual season on his high school team.

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