Wednesday, September 11, 2013

In Full Swing

School is in full swing around here.  I am driving more than I EVER have.  I had a period of less than 3 days where I drove over 300 miles(one full tank of gas) and never left town.  That is from a combination of school dropoffs and pickups, sports and activities practices, and the social lives of my kids.

I have now attended 4 "Back-to-School Nights."  So glad those are over!  I love meeting the kids' teachers, but I hate being gone in the evenings.  I am in full mom mode from 3:00 in the afternoon when I leave to pick up the kids until 10:00 at night when they are all finally in their rooms.

That is one of the new challenges for me with older kids.  They stay up later and "invade"our  "me/us time."  Rick and I love to end the day watching some of our DVR'd shows.  That has become more complicated with kids staying up later.  I feel like I see him even less because we both have so many demands on us with the kids.

Speaking of bedtimes, here is our philosophy.  We have bedtimes for our kids at graduated times depending on grade until 8th grade.  Then, they are on their own with the decision of how long to stay up.  They learn pretty quickly that if they don't get enough sleep, they are a mess the next day.  Some families do this much earlier than us.  This seems to work for us.  We also need our down time at night.  We try to make the rule that everyone is off the main level by 8:30 on school nights.  Here is our schedule of bedtimes for school-aged children:
7:30 - Kindergarten - 2nd grade
8:00 - 3rd-5th grade
8:30 - 6th grade
9:00 - 7th grade
You decide - 8th grade and up

August was a busy month.  I feel like I kind of collapsed physically and emotionally at the end of it.  I am still feeling the effects in the form of exhaustion.  Even though I have mornings to myself, I find that recharging during that time doesn't really relieve the deep exhaustion I feel.  Most days I end up "working" anyway during that time.

Laila got to go on her Kindergarten Birthday Breakfast with Rick and me.  When we told her we were going to Gunther Toody's, she wasn't so sure about that.  She had never eaten there, and the name was concerning to her!
 Coloring with Daddy.  I love watching these two together!
 The Big Bopper Breakfast for our Baby Girl!
 I thought it would be fun to look at some pics from the other kids' Kindergarten breakfast as well.  So, let's take a walk down memory lane!
I do not have any pics on my computer from the first day of school 2008.
I am hoping they are on Rick's computer.  
Here is a pic of Abby in Kindergarten! (Sorry, Abby)
 Lauren and I did a girls' night by going to the One Direction 3D movie.  It was fun!  I think I was only one of 5 adults in the whole theater.  I got a great lesson on teenage girl culture that night.  I felt pretty special that she would want to go with me!!
 For Labor Day, we went to the movies as a family.  That is a once or twice a year event.  We went to see "Planes"
Outside the theater

 Afterwards, the kids used their money to play in the arcade

 I love that you can see her reflection in the mirror.
This chick almost always gets something in these machines!
 I just had to capture this little quirk of Isaiah's.  When he is at home, he only wears one sock.  When asked about it, he says, "It just feels better!"  Whatever floats your boat, buddy!

Phew!  It feels good to play catch up.  We do now have a 15 year old in the house.  I will share about his bday soon!  I also got to go to the Women of Faith conference last weekend.  That was such a treat!  Rick and I are doing an overnight for our anniversary, too!!  I am looking forward to a night away with the love of my life!!  Pics to follow.

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