Thursday, September 26, 2013

Time Delay

~2 weeks from today, Rick, Abby, and I leave for our trip to Africa!!!!!

~I am in full trip preparation mode!

~As a result, I am resorting to bullet points in this post.  You can almost guarantee when that happens that life is crazy daisy, as I like to call it!

~This means my blog is on time delay.  In order to accomplish all that I need to each day, everything shared here becomes a bit delayed.  

~There is lots going on in our family, in our daily lives.  I have events to share and cute pictures.

~I am really hoping to be able to catch it all up before I leave because I am going to try to blog some while I am there in REAL TIME.  : )

~For now, I will just share a couple of pieces of news:
Rick and I celebrated 19 years of marriage a couple of weeks ago with me like this:
 The kids left something at the bottom of the garage stairs, I tripped, I landed on my knee on the concrete, and shattered my phone.  Let's just say, I was a bit grumpy and very concerned that I was going to need some major medical intervention.  THANKFULLY, it was just a really bad bruise/sprain, and I am on the mend.  The only thing I can't do now is go down on my knee.  I am so glad I do not need surgery or a cast!

Abby actually hurt her ankle the next day and is now in physical therapy.  I will share a picture later of her little treatment contraption.  Both of us need to be able to move about while we are in AFRICA IN TWO WEEKS!!

We took Cody out for his bday date. 
I will call this picture "The Man-Child with his Dad."
 Here is the artsy photo.
I will call this "The Thinking Man-Child with his Thinking Dad"
 Almost overnight, Sam's vision went from good to blurry while he was reading. 
Yesterday, he got these puppies in.  He loves them and they are orange on the sides(his favorite color).
 I just had to share this sweet photo of my honey and 3 babies.  
So, we are getting things in order for our trip.  Did I mention we are leaving in 2 weeks for Africa?  Rick and I have a "meeting" tomorrow with each other to talk through details.  We only have about $1,500 left to fully fund our flights and land package.  

Everything in me is getting antsy to leave and step on Swazi soil.  It truly is a second home to me. 

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