Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring, Schming (Random thoughts about my life)

No one is allowed to say the word "Spring" in Colorado UNLESS you are talking about a spiral metal contraption.

I laugh at the 68 degree days like we had yesterday because I know what is to come.  Those warm days mock and tease me with their small taste of warmth.  Today we are all home cuddled up in our jammies under blankets, drinking coffee and hot chocolate as the wind howls and the snow swirls with our BLIZZARD conditions!!

~Abby is working on her Abigail Adams Patriot Day project.
~Lauren is in her bed on her ipod.
~Cody, Sam, and Isaiah are in the living room playing PS3.
~Laila is playing Wii in the basement.
~After some meetings outside of the office, Rick is home, sitting under a blanket, working, with his head phones on.  I am sitting right next to him, but have to text him if I want to talk.  He is "in the zone" and cannot focus with all the noise in our house.
~I made pancakes this morning and plan to make some strawberry jam with some strawberries that were on sale and creamy wild rice soup and crusty bread for dinner tonight.

Even though I hate the snow and I will not be deceived by these warm days we sporadically have, I am kind of happy to have lazy day.  For the first time in 2 weeks, we have not been awakened by loud machinery in our neighbor's back yard.  They are doing the landscaping project that will never end.  For today, we got to sleep in.


How about those Louisville Cardinals!!!!  Contrary to almost everyone around me, I have been a Louisville Cardinals fan since I was in elementary school.

I pick them to win the NCAA Championship EVERY year no matter what their ranking.

They have not won it since I was Cody's age, 14 years old.

Last night was a sweet victory, especially in light of Kevin Ware's horrific injury last weekend.  We watched it happen live, and I still have not recovered from that image that haunts my mind.

I wore my cardinals shirt yesterday and will continue to support my team no matter how much they win or lose.

Congratulations, Louisville Cardinals!!  (Please do not say the name "Louisville" unless you can pronounce it correctly like a true Kentuckian!)


Rick and I have been juicing.  The week of Easter we only consumed fresh juiced fruits and vegetables for four days.  I was so hungry I could hardly stand it!  We are trying to clean up our diets.  I gave up sodas for Lent and have since also given up my coveted Crystal Light Peach Tea.  I have only been drinking water and occasionally coffee.  We aren't getting any younger so we better take care of the bodies we have!!
One of our meals before I juiced it


We celebrated our beloved Ms. Julie's bday last week with a meal of BBQ Chicken Quesadillas, Cilantro Lime Rice, Guacamole and chips,  and Chocolate Dump Cake and Ice Cream.
 Some of her favorite things:
Swedish Fish and Mike and Ikes
 Sam gave her popcorn and a dollar
 I love this pic
 Sweet Tart jelly beans
 Marshmallow Eggs
 Atlanta Braves Cup
I think we ca safely say she is stocked up in the sweets department for a while.

We love you, Ms. Julie!!  Happy Birthday!!

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