Monday, April 22, 2013

From Patriots Day to Family Celebrations

Abby had a big project to complete on Abigail Adams.  
She did EVERY BIT of this by herself.  
She even made the flag look like it is waving and the bottom left pic is 3D
 She had to dress up for her presentation
 Her class had a "living museum."  Each student had a button to be pushed.
When we pushed the button, they came alive and gave their speech about their person using props that represented their Patriot.
 We celebrated Lauren's spiritual bday with some homemade lasagna
 She got a new devotional book and some big paper clip bookmarks
 This is how Rick gets work done at home.  
His headphones allow him to focus with all the chaos that surrounds him.
 I found some better pics of Isaiah's field trip on my camera.
He got to dress up, and he chose a sweater, his favorite thing to wear these days.
(It is so funny to me, because I could never get Cody or Sam to wear sweaters!)
 On the bus!
 We got to celebrate Laila and Isaiah's Gotcha Day last week.  
We ordered pizza for a special dinner.
 I had big plans for us to go see The African Children's Choir as part of our celebration.  Well, the snow came in and the concert was cancelled.  I was SOOOO disappointed.  Maybe another time.
We got these 2 books as a celebration of Gotcha Day.  One is about adoption and the other is about how God made us all different and perfect just the way we are!!
I cannot. believe. it. has. been. four. years!
We love you both so much!  You have changed our family so much.  Love and hugs forever!!  As Isaiah says, "Being in a family means you never have to be alone again!"  

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