Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Our Easter in Pictures (ALOT of pictures)

At the end of our very relaxing spring break, we had a weekend of Easter traditions that make this holiday even more special for our family.  For those of you with all little kids, I must say it does get easier.  I remember thinking, "Is this really worth it?"  There was so much preparation, they needed so much help, there was often fighting, and the mess afterwards was overwhelming  My big kids were such a big help this year.  They helped me set things up for each one, were self-sufficient, and even helped with the younger ones. When it was all over, I was thinking, "Wow, that was actually fun."  AND, they know how to continue these traditions with their own families if they choose to.  Being able to reap a little from all of the sewing is very encouraging. 

Laila was so empowered by her student-led conference, that she wanted to read the book from school to her brothers and sisters.  So, we kicked off our Easter traditions with "Circle Time."  She put out a blanket and everyone gathered around while she read the book to us. 
 On Friday morning, we dyed Easter Eggs. This is a tradition that all the kids can enjoy, even the older ones.  The older they are, the more creative they become.

 Can you see Africa on Abby's egg?
 Our church had a Good Friday Service on Friday at noon that we participated in.  I really liked kicking off our weekend with that focus.  My favorite part of the service was the artist on stage painting a picture of the crucifixion on a huge canvas during worship.

On Saturday morning, we did our tombs.  

 Abby had her own gluten free version

 Jesus is Alive!!
 The tomb is empty!!
 We did Communion as a family with the tombs and sparkling grape juice

 Abby's Easter artwork on our bulletin board
 On Saturday night, I did Easter Story Cookies with the big kids.

We went to bed and woke up on Easter morning to these cookies and a scavenger hunt
The clues led them all over the house with some little treats at each spot
Thank you, Papa and Grammy.  We missed you this week!
We went to service together afterwards.  I knew this day was special, but it became even more special once we were at church.  While we were worshipping, Isaiah leaned over to me with a big smile on his face and whispered, "I am so glad I have a family, and I am not an orphan anymore." That just melted my heart.

At the end of the Easter Service, our church does baptisms.  They have many already scheduled, but they also open it up for spontaneous baptisms.  Last summer at VBS, Sam gave his heart to Jesus.  He had made a decision a few years earlier, but felt like he really didn't understand it back then.  When they started baptizing in the service, I could tell by the look on his face that he felt like he needed to.
When I asked him what made him want to get baptized, he said, "God was pulling on my heart."  
Afterwards, I told him how proud of him I was and that every time God pulls on his heart, I want him to listen and follow that pulling. 
What a special day for our family!
I told Laila, "Sweetie, you are so pretty.  How did you get so pretty?"
Her answer, "I was made for pretty."  
Yes, you were sweetie.  Yes you were.
We had a very relaxed Easter Dinner
Ham, mashed potatoes, deviled eggs, dinner rolls, pistachio salad, and Blue Bell ice cream
Our festivities ended with our annual Easter Egg Hunt.  The 3 big kids hid most of the eggs for the little kids.  Rick and I hid the prize eggs.  There was 1st, 2nd and 3rd places for the big kids and the little kids.  The weather was perfect this year.  We are usually in winter clothes freezing during the hunt.
They are serious about this

"I found the prize egg!"

The 3 big kids climbed in this trees, got scrapes and ended up with bruises looking for their prize eggs.
Cody found the grand prize egg
3rd place prize winners
Laila won a bigger container of cotton candy as her 2nd place prize.  When she saw it, my sweet little introverted girl yelled, "Oh yeah, Booyah!  In yo face, suckas!"  I did not expect that.  She said to me, "Mama, did you know I am a fan of cotton candy?"

Easter 2013 will forever go down as a special year.  Continuing all of our traditions was so much fun.  Watching Sam take the step of obedience in his walk with God made it the best Easter EVER!


  1. LOVE THIS! i love your family. you are such an inspiration with your traditions. thanks for the encouragement at the beginning of this post. it IS worth it!

  2. wow. so many SPECIAL traditions!!! i love it! and so exciting that sam was baptized. what an amazing weekend for your family!