Sunday, April 21, 2013

From Hot Water to Invisible Cell Phones

~Well, we lost the battle of the water heater.  We are just going to have to replace it.  BOO!  After two weeks with only sporadic hot water, I am just ready to have it readily available again.  Did I mention that our 12 year warranty ran out March 21?!?!  I am pretty sure they program them to quit immediately after the warranty goes out.

I went on a field trip to see the play, "You're A Good Man Charlie Brown" with Isaiah on Friday.  We got to ride the school bus together.  He thinks that is so cool!  (Sorry for the blurry phone pic)
 This is one of Lauren's dessert creations this week.  
She really does enjoy cooking.
Cody had his 8th grade dinner/dance on Friday night.  He had a great time.
Look how handsome he is
He is officially taller than me and his shoe size is now bigger than Rick's!
 Afterwards, they went out to IHOP for a late-night meal.  We got our first taste of late nights up waiting for one of our kids to come home.  This is only the beginning.  I wonder how many late nights there will be between now and when Laila is an adult.  It is a good thing Rick and I are night owls!

~Laila has informed me that she would like her very own tiny hot tub.  I just get this visual of her in her own little hot tub built for one relaxing on our back patio drinking a Caprisun.

~Laila also has an invisible cell phone.  She will call out periodically throughout the day, "Wait a minute, I just got text on my invisible cell phone.  I need to answer it!"  

We are living in three different stages right now.  I have preschoolers, elementary kids, and teenagers.  It brings about quite a contrast in my daily activities.  I go from invisible cell phones to dinner dances in a matter of seconds.  My life is so rich and full.  I just want to savor each stage with each kid.

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  1. Okay... that image of Laila in her hot tub made me giggle! And now I want a CapriSun... haha!