Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Missing Swaziland

My heart and my husband are in Swaziland today.  Rick left a week and a half ago. I have missed him.  Our whole family has missed him.  Just yesterday, Laila said, "Mommy, big breakfast doesn't act the same without Daddy."  I just smiled and said, "You are so right, sweetie."  She feels it.  We ALL feel it.  I have been excited for the opportunity he has had to go to Zimbabwe for the first time.  I can't wait to hear all about that part of his trip.  But, for the first time since he left,  my heart is aching.   

He arrived in Swaziland on Tuesday.  That ups the ante for me.  I am sure Zimbabwe is great, but I have never been there.  Swaziland is a whole different story.  My heart is there.  I have friends there.  There are children there who don't have families, but I have watched them grow over the last 6 years.  There are churches there that I miss.  There are Swazi Gogos that inspire me every time I am with them.    There are missionaries there sacrificing everything for this calling.  There are young Swazi men and women that are changing the course of history for their country by investing in the children.  I spent 5 weeks of my life fighting to bring my youngest 2 children home from there.  Everything in me wants to hear every detail of Rick's trip.  I NEED to know what is going on.  
 Rick speaking in Zimbabwe
 It doesn't help that he is seeing these while he is there
 and drinking this
Caribbean Mocha(my favorite drink ever from Mugg & Bean)

I am praying for him that God will reveal the next steps for Beyond Survival.  This trip feels so monumental to me.  It really is the beginning of the new work that God wants to do.  We just want to be obedient and follow His leadership.  Will you pray with us? 

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