Friday, November 2, 2012

Pumpkins, Birthdays and Sports

I am a bit behind.  I started this blogpost on Wed. so that I would be ready to post about that evenings festivities on Thursday.  And then, it hit me!!  Strep throat RUDELY interrupted my very busy life.  I woke up Wed. morning feeling like something was stuck in my throat.  It didn't hurt, just annoyed me.  When I looked in the mirror, I had white spots all over my tonsils.  That afternoon, the rest of the symptoms hit me like a Mack truck, sore throat, fever, achy body, headache, nausea.  Not a very good combination for a Halloween evening ahead.  I will share more about our Halloween fun in the next post.  For now, I feel human again today.  It is amazing how 3 doses of antibiotics can bring life back.  I should be able to fully recover over the weekend. 

Do you remember our "pumpkin patch" experience? 
 As a result, we did our pumpkin picking at Wal-mart.  

Last week, Laila's class did a Pops and Pumpkins event.  The Dads(Pops) came in with a pumpkin to carve with their children.  It was a very special time for Rick and Laila.
Laila and her classmates made pizza and cookies for the Pops
Here is the pumpkin that she and Daddy made
On Friday, Sam had Roman day.  
He said he felt like Jesus in his costume.

They had lots of fun activities.  They each were given a real Roman coin!!
They made a Roman Road Snack Mix and a Mt. Vesuvius craft.
Sam working on his Mosaic
The day ended with a Roman Feast
The cheese and bread were Sam's favorites.  
I couldn't get him to try the olives or figs!
Since Rick was going to be gone on the date of our House Birthday, we celebrated over the weekend with our traditional Old Chicago Dinner.  Our waitress treated us with a free big cookie for dessert!  She even brought Abby an ice cream sundae since she is gluten free.
After Old Chicago, we finished our evening with our annual pumpkin carving.  
The boys carved a pumpkin together:
The girls had a pumpkin to carve, too:

Laila fell asleep in the middle of the pumpkin carving
It isn't Halloween without some "Mummy Munch"
We added a new element this year, a Halloween Dance Party.  We found a Halloween playlist on Spotify and everyone rocked it out!
The boys' creation:
The boys' creation lit up:
The girls' creation:
On Saturday, Sam had his last football game.  He is #50 kneeling down on the sideline.
I love how the sun rays are shining down in this pic.
It was a COLD day.  Isaiah and Laila were trying to soak in some of those rays
Cody thought he would be warm enough in shorts.  That is him on the ground.
The season is complete!  
They ended the season with no wins.  That was a bit discouraging.
Lauren had her last soccer game, too.  The temperatures dropped significantly and I was incapable of taking a good picture.  I was literally praying the whole game that it would just end so we could be out of our misery.  They won!!  That was a bonus.  Their team ended the season with 4 wins.

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  1. joshua didn't win a game in his first football season. boo. so sad! he still loved it.

    praying you're still feeling better!