Monday, July 9, 2012

Weekend fun!

For some reason, my African children do not see any need to go outside this summer.  All they want to do all day long is watch TV or play video games.  Now, I am not a mom who completely eliminates that option, but I am not about to let them do that ALL. DAY. LONG.  I have been trying to find some things that will entertain them outside without my constant supervision.  I found this idea on Pinterest and thought I would give it a try.  I did make a couple of adjustments.  I did not use food coloring.  I was afraid it might stain their clothes as it melted.  I used Gogos in the ice instead of animals.  They are small and I found them easily at our house.    
I made one for each of them and used a 9x13 metal pan.
 I layered the freezing by filling it half full with half of the Gogos 
and then once it was frozen, added another layer of Gogos and water.

 This has been hair week so Laila's braids are in the process of being taken out.  
I like to call this style the "afro-mullet"
 Look, Mom, I got one!
This occupied them for almost an hour. 
 We also had some fun time with bubbles in the tub.
"Saiah Claus"(you can tell he is saying, "ho, ho, ho.")
 The braids are out!!
 Love these two!
The back view
 Sweet story.  Abby fixed Laila's hair on Sunday morning for church.  I saw her and said,"Wow, you are so beautiful.  How did we get 3 beautiful girls in our family?  Laila said, "Mom, you are wrong.  We have 4 beautiful girls.  You are beautiful, too."  My heart.
 You may ask, "She looks so cute with the afro.  Why don't you keep her hair that way?"  Well, let's just say, it is cute, but a LOT of work.  Her hair is so coarse and tight that we would battle through tears EVERY DAY.  It tangles so easily.  Having to pick through it regularly would totally break it off and it would never get any longer.  See her fro?  See how short it looks?  Wait to you see how long her hair really is when stretched out in braids.
This process is so painful for both of us. 
 Thankfully, once it's done, I can get about 8-10 weeks out of it.
 Here she is.  The tears are gone and the smiles are back.
 See how long it is???
 I would love more low-maintenance outside activities ideas any of you might want to share with me.  I am not an activities director and really want these kids to learn to play on their own more!!

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