Friday, July 6, 2012

Father's Day Clapp Style

On Father's Day, this year, Rick and I were at the beach celebrating my 40th bday.  So, we chose last Friday to have our own Clapp Family Father's Day to celebrate Rick.  
Our morning started out with some French Toast.  I tried a new recipe that used Challah bread.
It was a hit and took the french toast to the next level.  You can see the recipe here.
The man and his children
The kids each wrote what they love about their Dad in his special book 
that we write in each bday and Father's Day
Looking at the pictures they drew
Cody drew his dad from a caricature that we have
Lauren made him a beach scene.
That is Rick riding the wave
Abby drew him a Jeep
Sam also used the caricature to draw a pic of Rick.
I love what it says in the bottom right corner
Here is Isaiah's picture of Rick
Nice teeth, short arms : )
Laila's pic is hard to see.  It is Rick's face with "Africa" on it.
She likes drawing Africa these days.  Rick has a rather square head.
Lauren gave him a UK flip flop keychain and a UK football
These 4 gave him a Cowboys watch
Doesn't Sam look thrilled?  I can't remember what he was mad about.
Abby gave him Riesens
We had a yummy meal of steak, grilled veggie kabobs, grilled pineapple, and watermelon.

We started our summer tradition of "Pie on Friday" with an apple pie, Rick's favorite.
Happy Father's Day!!
There are no words that can fully describe this man as a dad.  He is an instrument of grace in the lives of his children.  He parents like no other father I have ever seen.  He cares about their hearts more than he does their actions.  He takes the time to really delve into what is going on rather than just dishing out discipline.  He is forgiving and asks for forgiveness very easily.  He will watch all 6 kids for me so I can go away for overnights and has even let me go on a couple of 4-day getaways with friends.  He plays with the kids, coaches them in sports, and even cooks Sat. morning big breakfast each week!  He balances me in my parenting.  We make a great team!!  He provides for us.  Most of all, he really loves us.  We love you, Rick!!  

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