Friday, November 11, 2011


As I sit at my computer, I can hear the roar of the the machine that is being used upstairs in my house to clean my carpets. Coming from the basement, I can hear Abby coaching Sam, Isaiah, and Laila in cleaning the basement. The last week has been hard, but I feel like I can take a sigh of relief. Once these carpets are cleaned, the weekend should be a time to rest(fingers crossed).

I have some catching up to do. So, here we go!

We had our first snow day last week(Was that really last week? It feels like ages ago!)
We started the day with our big breakfast
Then the kids went outside to play

Laila's shoe came off and her sweet brother was helping her
In our house, after playing in the snow, you get a warm blanket from the dryer
Abby is hiding

We also celebrated our house Birthday on Oct. 30th. It is our tradition to go to Old Chicago each year for a celebration meal!!
I can't believe their all mine!!
At the last Cowboys game, it was Isaiah's and Laila's turn to run the concession stand.
Lauren and Abby helped them.
I just love their Swazi aprons

Lauren had Explorers' Day at School.
She has been working on a project for weeks.
She was David Livingstone

Sam was cold at Lauren's last soccer game.
He was like this most of the game(yes, there is a kid in there!)
I was walking around my house one day and saw this posted on the wall
After further investigation, I discovered that this bubble holder was so valuable because it had Sam's tooth that he had pulled in it. It just made me laugh to see this posted on the wall.

I did some cuddling with my babies yesterday.
Laila now has an ear infection!!
Crazy week!! I still have 3 more events to share with you. Those are up next!!


  1. I can't wait to see the room renovations! I'm glad your carpets are getting cleaned. :)

  2. I absolutely love the warm blanket idea. You, my friend, are a genius.