Wednesday, November 2, 2011

More "Prom" Photos

My friend Mandy did a great job sharing about the Halloween party we attended.

I wanted to share a link with you to her blog so you could see more pics of the evening.

Go here to see all about it.

Also, I forgot to share two funny things from that night.

While we were getting ready, Laila was very intrigued. At one point, she said, "Mommy, you look so "bootiful"(that is how she says beautiful). That cracked me up.

She also was not fully understanding what we were doing. She kept saying, "You still my mommy." She was proclaiming it because I am not sure if she was fully believing it inside.

Then, when we posed for this pic:
Isaiah said, "Daddy, you look just like Justin Bieber."

Now that made us ALL laugh!!

More Halloween pics to come!!

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