Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Festivities

The kids love all of our Halloween Festivities. I don't love them, but I do love seeing them enjoy each tradition so much. Every year we carve pumpkins. Rick is in charge of this activity while I bake the seeds. We also had "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" playing in the background.(That show has quite a bit of potty language that we don't use in it. I was disappointed.)
Laila was grossed out by the insides of the pumpkins.
She kept gagging and saying how stinky it was.
Also, frightening seeing Sam with a knife!

The first step of Mummy Munch
The final product. Can't wait to eat it!!
Cody's Creation - A Haunted Tree
Abby's "Africa" design
Lauren's "Owl"Design
Isaiah had his first class party. He had a hard time when I dropped him off. I am guessing it was just seeing everyone in costumes and knowing that the day's schedule was going to be different. I had to peel him off of me and attach him to his teacher. When I asked him later why he acted that way, he said,"I just knew I was going to miss you so much!" I went back for his party.
Party Treats
They listened to the song "Monster Mash."
He likes it so much,he has been singing it nonstop since he learned it.
His teacher apologized for that!
Isaiah and his teachers
Monday night, we went trick or treating with friends. Here is my crew of creatures and personalities:
A Smooth Criminal
(he even carried his Ipod with the song playing)
A Nerd
Buzz Lightyear
Care Bear
My six pack
Ready to Trick or Treat with the Fowlers
Eli was a hippy and Micah was Bullseye
Trick or Treating is not the most fun to me, but as Cody is outgrowing it, I realize that those days are limited, too. I just love how Laila was so surprised every time someone gave her candy. At one point, she got so brave, she didn't even want me to walk up to the door with her. She and Isaiah both were excited to share their candy with the adults. Sam even donated some of his candy to the candy bowl at the Fowlers. He was afraid they were going to run out.

The kids favorite house was the one that gave out sodas instead of candy!!

Another Halloween is over and according to Isaiah, tomorrow is Christmas!

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