Thursday, November 10, 2011


~2 kids with ear infections

~2 kids with strep throat

~1 kid on 2 different types of breathing treatments

~1 kid recovering from surgery

~4 kids on antibiotics

~1 kid on pain meds

~1 kid with new braces

~1 house getting carpets cleaned

~1 kid with a "swallowing incident"

~4 poops to dig through

~2 kids still running fevers

~1 little boy(I'll give you one guess which one) who has decided to disobey at every opportunity this week.

~3 kids to work through missed school work with

All of that added together = one very tired mom anxious for the weekend to start so I can rest!!!


  1. Oh man.... oh man... oh man! It stresses me out when ONE is on antibiotics! That's a LOTTA dosage sister! Praying for you right this minute! :)

  2. Sorry it's been such a rough week! Praying that next week is the opposite and that your weekend is filled with LOTS of rest. :)