Saturday, May 31, 2014

A Well-Balanced Day

Mother's Day has always been a challenging day for me.  Being a Mom is such an integral part of my life that I tend to build up expectations for this one day that are unrealistic.  I guess I just want one day out of the year where everyone gets along, helps me around the house, and okay, I will admit it, "rises up and calls me Blessed."  Well, guess what, that day has NEVER happened in my house and never will.  My expectations are just realistic.  In the past, I have usually ended the day feeling devalued and disappointed.

So, this year, I decided to take matters into my own hands.  I decided to plan my day.  That way, I couldn't blame anyone if it didn't go well.  I lowered my expectations for my kids and put some fun things in the day that I knew I would enjoy.  In the end, it was the best Mother's Day yet.

Mother's Day festivities actually began for me on the Friday before.  Abby's class at school did a Mother's Day Tea for the moms.  When I sat I my seat, I was greeted by this lovely poem written for me by Abby.
This is what it said:  
Is loving, helpful, and kind
Loves family, God and chocolate
Is good at cooking, cleaning, and organizing
Makes me feel happy, loved, and thankful
Laughs when jokes are told, funny movies are watched, and kids act silly
Frowns when disobeyed, disrespected, and argued with
Loves to go to Africa, Hawaii, and Kentucky
Helps me with school stuff, dinner meals, and drives me around
Expects me to be nice, do my chores, and do my best in school
Is surprised when comes home to a clean house, receives gifts, and gets a treat
I couldn't live without her lovingness, kindness, and helpfulness
I was so touched by what she wrote and really felt honored by her words.  She knows me really well, and few of the things she said, proved that.  It brought a smile to my face.

Then, Laila brought this home for me from school:
I love the picture she drew of us.
"You are special to me because I love you Mom." 
Isaiah brought this little gem home to me:
 My mom is…
~as sweet as a daffodil
~as fashionable as a popstar queen
~as smart as a scientist
~as beautiful as a rose
~as fun as a roller coaster
~as busy as a bee
~as caring as a doctor
~as helpful as electricity
~as cool as an eagle
~As brave as Green Lantern
The day before Mother's Day, the kids cleaned out my truck.  That was my one gift request from them.
Then, the night before Mother's Day, I came home to a clean main level.
I was both surprised
and delighted
On Mother's Day, I decided to have 3 parts to the day:  1.  Time  with friends,  2.  Time alone for a nap, 3. Time with the family  That turned out to be the perfect balance to the day.
Rick took the day off from work.  We spent the morning relaxing and watching several episodes of the "The Middle" together.  I just love that show and the Mother's Day episode is my all-time favorite!
Then,  I headed out for lunch to Cheddars with my friends, Jeni and Jessica
Rick and the big kids watched all the kids while we were gone
Did I mention there was a blizzard going on outside!?!?!?
CrAzY CoLoRaDo!!
After my fabulous afternoon nap, we had some time as a family.
I really do love this crew
Isaiah gave me a wooden elephant from his African collection
Laila gave me a flower in a little flower pot that she decorated
Abby got me some Hershey's almond pieces!  YUM!
Sam gave me a book of poems that he wrote.
Lauren and Rick went in together and gave me a coupon for a pedicure
Cody gave me some dark chocolate Raisinets
Rick gave me a Chipotle gift card
The day ended with this fabulous Dark Chocolate Silk Pie.  
(I bought this for myself at Sam's the week before)
Really, when I look back on that day, I feel so grateful and realize what a special day it was.  The thing that changed it for me was my decision to lower my expectations and give input on what I would like.  That is hard for me, because deep down, I want to be known so well that they would naturally choose what I would love.  I want to feel like they will make the effort to really love me the way I want/need to be loved.  I have to give up that expectation.  Let it be what it will be and accept that.  I also found that breaking the day up into different segments made it much more enjoyable.  
I really am so blessed and have so much in my life to celebrate!
Happy Mother's Day to Me!!

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