Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Love/Hate Relationship

I really love this time of year, AND I really hate this time of year. 
 I love that the weather is changing and flowers are blooming.  
I love that the snow is ending and we are beginning to have some warm days.

The hard part is ending the school year well.  

This is how the "not-so-morning"people in the house feel as we trudge through the early mornings of the last few weeks of school:
It really doesn't help that the schools try to pack every field trip, concert, field day, teacher appreciation project, art show, and end-of-the year school project into that last month of school.  I find myself barely making it through each day with no margin at all for sickness, calendar changes, or unexpected events.  
We also currently have Lauren in soccer, Sam in baseball, and Cody has been in driving school.  
Let me share some pictures of our latest school events!
Isaiah's Field Trip to the Space Foundation
Daddy went on this one!
Sam's Patriot Day project
Introducing, John Hancock

Each student had to create a button that would be pushed while they did their Living Museum.  When someone pushed the button, the student would give his speech as the Patriot he was representing.
Since it was Good Friday, Sam made his button as Jesus on the cross. 
That made me smile. 
Delivering his speech

Then, there was the Art Show:
Isaiah's Art Work
Sam's Art Work
Abby's Creation
 Abby all dressed up for her spring concert.  She had a special part playing the xylophone
I "got" to go with Laila on a field trip to the zoo on a very cold day!  

Every year, I question whether I will survive the month of May.  This year is no exception.  
Is it really only May 7th?!?!

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