Saturday, June 14, 2014

Better Late Than Never

It has been a long time since I have gone 2 weeks between blogposts.  It really is just an indication of how busy things are.  Also, my computer NEEDS more memory.  It is running really slow.  It makes sitting down to do a quick update, not so quick.

Since I have some downtime today, I thought I would catch up on all that has been going on.
One night, I decided to pick up all the shoes on the main level and pile them up.  The kids don't seem to  understand how it adds up when they each leave out one or two pairs.  This is one of those battles I feel like I am fighting All. The. Time.    
 Want to know one of my other pet peeves?  A DIRTY MICROWAVE!!  I cannot stand it.
I also don't like hail!  
We have had a lot of it this spring.  This was the day before school was out.  Abby, Sam, Isaiah, and I got caught outside in it.  We were walking to the truck after school was out and it literally dumped on us.  I have never been outside when it is hailing.  Marble size hail hurts!!  I had bruises from the experience, and I am pretty sure Sam and Isaiah were traumatized by it!
Sam missed his last day of school.  He woke up at 4:00 that  morning throwing up.  He was so sad!
 Isaiah received the "Handy Helper" award from his teacher.  It fits him well.
 His first grade class
 This boy loved his teacher!
Now he is a second grader!
 I was showing him this picture of me when I was little.  His response, "Which one is you?"  
Really, Isaiah, really???
 Speaking of that boy.  He is such a piece of work.  Recently he told me, "Mom, I love you with half of my heart."  I asked him why only half.  He said, "Because you do the most for me.  Dad and God have to split the other half!"  I thought that was sweet.  I told him, "Isaiah, if you will love God with all of your heart, He will give you even more love to love others."
Poor Laila did not get out of school until June 3.  It was hard getting her out the door every morning while everyone else was sleeping in!  Next year, she will be at the same school as the others.

 On her last day of school, we went to the see the Lego Movie to celebrate.  We even took some friends with us.  I payed $14 for 6 people to go to the movie and they all got soda and popcorn!!  I love the Dollar Theater!
 The kids like to have breakfast with Rick on the porch in the mornings during the summer when he is home.
 Sam's passport arrived!!  We leave 3 weeks from today for Swaziland!!
 Isaiah and Laila are taking swim lessons together and loving it!

 Abby has planted another garden
 This girl was born to do this kind of thing
 She is growing tomatoes, jalapeño, cucumbers, squash, zucchini 
 cilantro, chocolate mint, lavendar, spearmint and strawberries
 Cody got his permit.  He can now legally drive with an adult.  
 He has to have it for a year before he can get his license.
We have also had some spring sports that I need to share about.  I will devote a whole post to those!

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