Saturday, March 22, 2014

Babies, Friends and Tex-Mex

My Christmas gift this year from Rick was a trip to Dallas in March!!
Have I mentioned how much I love TX?  Have I told you that Rick and I refer to it as "The Promised Land?"  Have I said that I would live there again in a heartbeat?  Well, I would.  I. LOVE. THAT. PLACE.  One of the things that draws me back there are the friends that I miss and the fabulous southern hospitality that is so near and dear to my heart.  There is just something about the South that I love and miss.  It is also the land of the Dallas Cowboys.  Oh, and I love the weather there, although the weather on this trip was very disappointing.

So, I have this friend.  Her name is Kara.  I met her when she was a teenager.  In fact, she was in the youth group that Rick and I led when we lived in Dallas.  There is just something special about this girl and the place she has in my heart.  I would absolutely say she is the closest thing I have to a sister.  I had the privilege to mentor her over several years and loved every minute of it.  Since we have moved to CO,  she has visited me and I have seen her every visit I have made to Dallas.  A few years ago, I even went to visit her by myself for a long weekend.  Since I last saw her, she has had a two babies!!  Well, I just couldn't wait any longer to see her and her sweet family.  Jack was 15 months old when she gave birth to Tucker just a month ago.  I couldn't think of a better time to visit than in the throws of new baby stuff.  Thankfully, she liked that idea, too!  I got to hold and help take care of babies, and she got to have some company and help.  It was a WIN-WIN for both of us!!
My first time holding Tucker!
 TX has some good food, Ya'll!  I got to have some of my favorites and try some new stuff, too!
"Raising Cane's" was a new one for me.  
Chicken Fingers, French Fries and Sweet Tea!!
 I could not get enough of the sweetness of this little guy.  
 I could just eat him up!
 This was my room on the nights I didn't help with baby duty.  
 Kara is such  good mom!!

 Introducing Jack!  He and I bonded on our morning together while Kara took Tucker to the doctor.  He was not so sure he wanted to be with me at first.  This was the text I sent to Kara at one point:
"I performed a Broadway show for him and read every book that did NOT mention love or mama!"
 I think every morning I was there, he would wake up thinking, "She is still here!"
 I really won him over with my "Around the House Mouse" song. 
I think by the time I left, we were buddies.  He was such a little cutie!!
Kara and I had a day out shopping with Tucker.  
We had lunch here(another new place for me to try);
 My view
 We ate dinner at my FAVORITE Tex-Mex!
 I just can't even describe how much I love this girl!!
 We laughed so much during our time!!
 What a treat it was to be there for her baby shower, too!! 
It was a nautical theme!
 This family knows how to throw a party!!
 I got to see lots of friends I wouldn't have seen by being at the shower.  That was fun.
 My favorite part was hanging out with the Krouse/Stovall Families afterwards.  Just sitting and talking and laughing.  These people make me so happy!!
 I got some funny pics of Tucker

 I also got to connect with some other friends while in Dallas.  My friend, Laura, brought bagels over to Kara's house one morning.  We had fun reconnecting.  I also got to have dinner with Dori and Stormy at Taco Diner.  Avocado Tacos are da bomb!!  It doesn't matter how long I have been gone, I can always just pick right back up with all these friends and talk like we have never been apart.

I have talked many times about our beloved Julie.  Well, she moved to Dallas back in November.  We have all missed her.  I could not go to Dallas without seeing her.  We went to one of my favorite restaurants:
 Laila sent a card for her
 I got to see her house and where she works.  It was great!!
I got this pic while I was in Dallas.  3 kids had plans so these 4 went out to eat!!
 One of my absolute favorite parts of my time was helping with nighttime baby duty.  Now, let me just preface this by saying, I was reminded how exhausting babies are.  Being the age that I am, I realized how much I love my sleep.  BUT, I was only doing it a couple of nights.  Kara would feed Tucker and I would take him from her to get him back to sleep so she could get more rest before the next feeding.  I loved having those quiet moments with him.  He wasn't fussy, just wide awake looking at me with those precious little eyes.  It was fun for a couple of nights.  I can't imagine doing it nightly again!!  Kara, I am praying for you as you face each night of feedings!!
One of our early mornings with the babies!!
 I love Uncle Julios so much, we ate there twice.  
These women are so life-giving to me!!
 Sleeping babies are the best!!

 After I got home, Kara sent me this pic saying, "Tucker misses you!"  
Everything about this trip was just what I needed at this time in my life.  I treasured the talks and company of old friends.  I was reminded of the work of those baby/toddler years.  I enjoyed a taste of TX.  I realized God has me in the stage that He wants me in.  I am so blessed to have the friends and the family that I have!!

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