Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Happy Birthday to My Love!

Blogging has been complicated lately.  I am still behind.  My time feels more full than ever.   I just spent 6 days in Dallas visiting and helping one of my dearest friends with her new baby.  That is the reason for my most recent silence.  I will share all about that later.  For now, at the end of February, we celebrated Rick's 43rd bday.  
Elaina's beautiful sign at Life Group
Rick spent the day at a conference in Denver. 
When he got home that night, we went out for a bday dinner at "On The Border."
Rick's view at the table
Every time I see this man, I am still amazed that he is mine.  
 We came home after dinner for dessert and gift opening.  Each child presented him with his/her gift.

 Reading the entries in his "We Love You, Dad Journal"
 A couple of gifts from me
 Still lookin' good, honey!!
 Celebrating is exhausting!

I love you, Rick.  I love the man that you are as my husband, as a father to our children, as a pastor at our church, as a boss to those you work with, and as a friend.  Your wisdom and ability to lead others well continues to impress me.  We have lived a lot of life together.  I look forward to growing old with you(because we are not old, yet!).  My love for you grows stronger with each passing year.  I have more respect for you than anyone I know.  You are handsome and funny and a blanket hog.  Your ability to calm me and center me in my freak-out moments is truly a gift.  I love watching our shows together late at night.  I love that neither of us are morning people.  I love exploring the world with you.  I love going to the beach with you(Hint! Hint!).  I am so thankful at how you lead our family financially and am always amazed at how you make it all work for us.  I love that you can both handle and appreciate my sassiness.  I am so thankful that we share a love for the country and people of Swaziland.  Your gentleness, strength, and steadfastness are exactly what I need from my man!  Happy Birthday, Hubby.  Love ya, dove ya!

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