Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving in CO for us is pretty low-key.  We stay home, wear our jammies most of the day, and enjoy our yearly traditions.  

I begin cooking on Wed. afternoon.  I really enjoy it.  Leading up to it each year, I feel a bit overwhelmed that I am doing it all by myself, but when I break it down in segments, I relax and just enjoy the process.  If only I didn't have to clean it all up.  The whole process of cooking took about 10 hours total!!

Our Thanksgiving morning started with these 3 doing a game/craft.  They had to roll dice and either add or subtract the numbers on the die to get a number answer.  They then looked at the key to see what they were supposed to color on their coloring sheet according to the answer they got.  It kept them busy for  a few minutes!  The goal is to see who can complete their page first in the game.
Laila's finished product
 While I cook, I must watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  
It is a tradition from when I was a kid.
 Rick always goes out to get a newspaper so we can look through the Black Friday ads
 We rarely venture out on Black Friday, but it is fun to look at the ads and see the deals!
 Abby is pretty determined not to get her picture taken
 Rick always picks up Starbucks for him and me when he goes out to get the paper.
 Our turkey this year, Steve
 My view as I cook
 My view to the right
 Love this girl
 Abby set the table for me
 Steve is ready to be eaten
 We are Blessed!!  
(The sun was not cooperating with our picture!)
 The Feast
Somehow, I forgot to take a picture of a very important part of our Thanksgiving each year, the Cowboys playing football.  Thanksgiving wouldn't be the same without it, and we were especially happy for a win this year!!

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