Thursday, December 5, 2013


 This boy has 2 speeds:  Super FAST and Asleep
This boy has 2 volumes:  Super LOUD and Asleep
He is passionate, persistent, active, animated, dramatic, charming, just to name a few.

We had a bit of a rocky start to the school year.  I think the adjustment to going to school all day was part of the challenge.  The other factor is that he is always looking for an exception to the rules.  His thought processes go a little like this:  "They don't really mean me, when they say that,"  "This teacher might be different," "If I ask enough times, they will change their minds," "I can sweet talk my way through anything," If I don't get my way, then I will show them," you get the picture.

Every new authority was a new opportunity for him to manipulate the situation.  He LOVED being sent to the office because he got to leave the classroom and got one-on-one attention from the ladies there.

I was going to his school for an open house about 2 weeks into the school year.  I told Isaiah that I was going to see his teacher.  His response, "There are some things I need to tell you.  I might have gotten a little out of hand these first few days of school."  RED FLAG!!!

He has been very creative in his disobedience.  Some of his more notable choices have been:

1.  Telling the whole class that his birth mom was eaten by an alligator (his poor teacher had no idea if this was true or not so she didn't want to correct him for it).

2.  Standing up in the middle of class, while the teacher was teaching, and very dramatically fainting.

3.  Incessant noise making.  It started with whistling.  Then it went to drumming.  Finally, my favorite, practicing his evil laugh.  REALLY?!?!?!

I have to say that his teacher has been AMAZING!  She really is perfect for him.  On the one hand, she loves and adores him.  On the other hand, she realizes how necessary consistency is with him.  You give this kid an inch, he will take 10 miles.  She sees his potential and holds him accountable.  She has done everything she can to help make him be successful.  She talked to other teachers and staff to come up with a plan for him that would lead him towards success.

We offered some incentives and consequences at home to work alongside her.  I told Isaiah, "Your teacher and I, we are BFFs.  We talk regularly.  You can't get anything past us!"  He needs to know that we are a team.

Rick and I sat down with Isaiah to find out what kind of incentive we could offer him to reward wise choices at school.  His answer:  "I want some special time with you and mom."  Okay, buddy.  You got it.  His goal:  6 days meeting certain guidelines set up by us and his teacher.  It took him about 4 weeks to do it, but HE DID IT!!  Over Thanksgiving break we took him out to lunch.  He chose Red Robin.
He talked non-stop the whole time
 Coloring with Dad
He ate 3 baskets of fries with ranch dressing

He loves ordering his own food, asking for refills, and chatting with the waitress.

He informed us during this lunch that he would be having/adopting 100 children when he is married.  They would be living in a hotel in Vegas.  He would drive a school bus to get everyone places.  Most importantly, we can visit any time we want.

I love this boy.  He is my son.  I believe the battles we will fight for him, with him, and over him are not over.  Adoption is not an easy road.  When you are in the process of adopting it feels like the battles are there, and don't get me wrong, those battles are real and so hard.  BUT, they don't end there.  Now we have him.  He is ours.  We are now in a battle for his heart.  A battle where we say, "No matter what you do, no matter what you say, we ALWAYS love you.

For now, we are making progress.  I choose to embrace those victories. I choose to celebrate with him.  I choose to love him now just like I love him on the days when he has chosen foolishly.
He is my son and that's what parents do with their children.  


  1. As I read this, my eyes filled with tears imagining him growing up without a family to fight for his heart and his character. What a cover of grace overshadows this boy and this family - I love you all.

  2. I know those battles all too well. I am hopefully reading of Isaiah's progress. I pray that for Lucy everyday. Thank you for your honesty.