Monday, December 30, 2013

Beyond Survival: The Spirit of Giving

As Christmas was approaching, Abby was taking her sweet time in getting me her Christmas list this year.  I kept asking and asking and she just kept saying, "I don't know."

Then, at 9:53 PM on Nov. 17, I got this text from her:
I know what I want for Christmas:  use the money that you would use as my Christmas gifts,
 and give it to Africa.

I had been wondering how her trip in October impacted her.  She had been waiting for years to go.  She did amazing while we were there.  Since we returned home, it was hard for me to get her to really talk about it.  

As she and I talked, I explained that she needed to pick a specific place for her money to be given to.  She immediately chose the Halfway House.  
This is where Isaiah and Laila lived for 5 months. 

 This is the place that she mentions every time she is asked about her favorite part of the trip.

She knew that there were 22 children that would spend the week of Christmas just like any other week of their lives.  She wanted them to feel special.  She wanted them to have a Christmas like they most likely never had before.  She was willing to give up some of her excess to help these children experience a little bit of what living Beyond Survival is like.  My heart swells every time I think about it.
We had the help of our friends, Jumbo and Kriek, who were willing to give of their time to do some Christmas shopping for us.  A few days before Christmas the delivery was made to these precious children who captured our hearts in October. 
 They received food and toys, dolls, cars, toy boats, chips, fruit, veggies, rice, peanut butter, jam, cookies, juice and eggs!!  
These two ladies are true examples of love and sacrifice.  
They even made a video to say thank you.
We had tears as we watched it and celebrated with them, my favorite moment on Christmas morning!  

Thank you, Abby, for being an example to our family of sacrifice and giving.  I love the work you are allowing God to do in your heart. 

We have big plans for Beyond Survival in 2014.  There are so many opportunities opening up before us to invest in the beautiful people of Swaziland.  

If you would like to join us in this work to give a year-end gift there are a couple of days left.  Donations can be made by following this link to our website.  All donations are tax-deductible.  

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  1. I'm crying, this is so sweet. She is an amazing young woman.