Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Happy Ending

It has been a week and a half since I have blogged.

You might think that is because of Isaiah's Birthday on Dec. 18, school activities(concerts, parties, finals, basketball), Christmas baking, shopping, traditions, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

Yes, we have had a lot going on, but that is not the reason I haven't been blogging.

I have had several moments where I wanted to sit down and post all the pics of our Christmas season.

Don't worry, I plan to catch up on everything.  We have done some fun things!!

One thing has kept me from doing that:  MY COMPUTER STOPPED WORKING Dec. 21!!

Let's just say I had a small panic attack and may or may not have woken up in the middle of the night several times in a cold sweat worried about it.

I know it is only a thing.  I know that in the scheme of life, it is really not that big of a deal.

The same thing happened last spring.  My hard drive crashed and I lost 6 months of pictures!!  I was so sad.  It took a lot of time and frustration to get everything back on track.

Just 2 days before it happened I thought, "I need to back this computer up again over break."  Just. 2. days. before!!

With Christmas, Rick was not able to take it in until yesterday.  In the midst of that I got some really devastating news that brought perspective to this situation(I will share more about that in another post).

I decided, "It is what it is.  My life will not end if I lose all my stuff."

BUT, Guess what?  It didn't crash!!  It just needed a new bracket and some wiring that is a pretty common repair.  We went ahead and put in a new battery because it has needed that for months.

All in all, we got away only spending $200 and having all of our data intact.

I was so relieved and so grateful for this happy ending!!  I kind of needed it in the midst of several uncertainties in my life right now.

Let's just say, I will be backing up my computer today!!

Thank you, God for this Happy Ending!

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