Saturday, February 2, 2013

Super Sam Turns 9!!

My little 4lb. baby boy turned 9 years old this week.  Obviously, I see all of my children as miracles, but with Sam's scary entry into the world, I often reflect on how grateful I am that God protected His little life from the beginning.  I can't imagine life without this sweet, tenderhearted, comical, messy little boy.  Even at 9 years old, he gives me hugs every day.  Those eyes and that smile melt me every time.  

This was his year to have a family party.  He had the option of a family activity to celebrate or a party at home with gifts!!  He has become quite the Lego maniac.  The four things he asked for were an orange watch(orange is his favorite color), a Lego Avengers set, Lego Wii Lord of the Rings Game, and action figures.  He was not disappointed.  Not only did he get those things, but some other toys and treats along with some cash from the grandparents.  He was one happy boy!
 We celebrated his Bday on the Sunday before because we knew wouldn't all be together the evening of his Bday.  He got to choose the meal:
Root Beer and I had to buy him the "Sam's Cola" just because of the name.
 We found some Lego Star Wars plates
 In the Birthday chair
 Gathering to eat and tell Sam all the things we love about him!!
 What did he choose for dinner, you might ask?
Pioneer Woman Mac n' Cheese, Green Beans and Cheddar Bay Biscuits
(His choices made me laugh!)
 For dessert:
Cookies and Cream Birthday Ice Cream
 Since we celebrated early, I wanted his actual bday to still be special.  He started his day with donuts and chocolate milk.  For lunch, I took him a Wendy's kids' meal to school.
I made ice cream cone cupcakes to share with the class
 Snazzy Dude!
The evening was complete with a viewing of "Hotel Transylvania"(weird movie) and frozen pizza!!

Sam, you are so fun to celebrate!!  You really do always have a smile on your face and you bring so much laughter and joy to those around you.  You are a wise soul, you always have been.  Your level of understanding is way beyond your years.  Even your teacher can see that in you.  You are the class "Grammar King".  You love to drum, play basketball, and you even tried football this year.  You would prefer to be taking something apart to see how it works over actually using it for its purpose.  You like to build and create.  I am amazed at how you can play for hours with a few action figures.  You love to play with others, but are very content to play alone.  You have fully embraced your role as "big brother", and I am so proud of you for that.  I know it has been a challenge at times to give up your title of "baby of the family."

I love your heart for God.  I love how you express your love for Him in your drawings and writings.  I love that you have a HUGE wooden cross in your room that you made to remind you of Him each day.    I love how you engage our readings of "Jesus Calling" on the way to school each morning and really take the time to think about how it applies to your life.

Sam, there is really nothing I would change about you.  You Rock at being you!

"You fill my world with the wonders of His love.  I've gotten glimpses of Heaven.  Love of my life, Sam, you bring me so much joy!!"

Love you, Sammy Jo Jo!!

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  1. Sam is the only one of your (many:) children that I have known since he was a newborn, so he is special to me. I love him madly! Happy birthday, Sam!!!