Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hawaii On My Mind

Almost everything is done.  The only 2 things left on my list are packing and shaving my legs!
It is going to take 6 people to accomplish everything while I am gone.  
I am so very thankful to my friends who are helping out with all the details.  
After I typed the schedule out for everyone, I was exhausted just looking at it.  
 I have pretty much worked the word "Hawaii" into every conversation I have had this week. 
I think it is driving my family crazy.  
The weather report for Hawaii looks fabulous, a steady high of 78 and low of 69 each day.
There are cold temperatures and snow predicted here.  That makes the trip that much sweeter!
Abby and Laila were diagnosed with strep today.  I am glad we caught it and got the medicine before I left.  Hopefully, I am leaving everyone with everything they need.
Today, Lauren said, "What if we run out of something while you are gone?"  
I said, "Your dad does know how to go to the store.  If it is not important, then you do without until I get back!"  
 This trip is about more than just being in Hawaii(although that is an absolute dream come true).  
It is about refreshment of every kind.
Refreshment in resting and relaxation.
Refreshment in the scenery.
Refreshment in having no responsibility.
Refreshment in seeking the Lord as an individual and as a group of women.
Refreshment in the community we will experience.
This group of women are life giving.  I feel that just in our texts and emails.  Imagine what it will be like when we are actually together in real life!!  We understand each other.  We all love Jesus.  We all feel called to ministry to the fatherless.  We all have lots of kids, both biological and adopted.  We live very different, but strangely similar lives.  We live in all 4 time zones of the U.S.  For this week, we will come together for refreshment and relationship.  That excites me as much as the location.  
Paradise, Here I Come!

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    wow! have FUN! i can't wait to hear about it!