Thursday, February 28, 2013


Yesterday was Rick's 42nd bday.  We did most of our celebrating on Sunday since everyone would be scattered around town doing their various activities on his actual bday.  The kids each presented him with the gifts they bought, mostly consisting of his favorite treats.  It was so fun to watch them shop for him and try really hard to think about what he would like.  That night, he and I went out on a movie and dinner date.

The 19th anniversary of our engagement was the day before his bday.  I said it to him in a text and I will say it here, "I am thankful every day that you popped the big question 19 years ago today!"  His response, "I would do it again."  (melt. my. heart.)

There are so many things I love about this man.  I am still amazed at the gift that God has given me in him.  
He takes his role as dad so seriously and lives it out with so much love for our kids
 He is such an example of grace and forgiveness and has challenged me greatly to embrace those character qualities in my life
 He provides for our family and is brilliant with our budget
He takes the time to know each one of our kids and invest in them individually 
He fights for those who can't fight for themselves
 He is a great leader to me, our family, in his role at the church, and through Beyond Survival
 He is generous and sacrificial in his giving
 He is the father to many(those in this picture and many others he has shepherded over the years)
He takes the time to learn who people are, why they do what they do, and meets them right in that place
I love it when he laughs, at me and with me! 

 I have known this man for 24 years, over half of my life!
I love him more with every passing year. 
 I celebrate who he is, how he loves, and the life that he lives!
Happy Birthday, Baby!

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